Monday, September 26, 2022

Bueno Silva On UFC Vegas 59 Controversy: I Fight With Character

Following a perplexing, but extremely impressive first-round submission that saw the judges polled to confirm tap, Mayra Bueno Silva says that she aims to fight with character.

A Jiu-Jitsu coach back in her native Brazil, a DWCS: Brazil 1 alum, Bueno Silva was visibly emotional for the two minutes it took for referee Chris Tognoni to confirm the tap. Bueno Silva locked in a deep, unorthodox, cross body armbar that saw Stephanie Egger face down with her free hand concealed behind Bueno Siva’s back.

As Tognoni was moving in to a better vantage, Bueno Silva let go of the lock. Egger refused to admit to the tap, leading Tognoni to call for a replay, which was inconclusive, forcing him to poll the judges, one of whom told Tognoni he “absolutely 100% saw a tap”, confirming the submission victory.

“She tapped my leg, and I feel first, then two, then three and I went, okay. Because I remember, I did some training in CSA gym. Jessica-Rose Clark tapped, tapped, tapped, and I thought, “No, I don’t need to break her arm, no”, so I let go, and then she [puckered her lips]. Hey Stephanie, you tapped! She [puckered her lips]. But the judge helped me. Phew”

This is in reference to Jessica-Rose Clark’s recent armbar defeat at UFC 276, which saw a Julija Stoliarenko torque on her arm after the tap. Clark is now in recovery following a surgery to the arm.

However, as Michael Bisping pointed out on commentary, you are not supposed to end the submission until the referee confirms the bout to be finished. This sentiment was echoed by many fighters on social media.

Mayra Bueno Silva: I Fight With Character

Bueno Silva was extremely emotional following the bout, breaking down into tears following the bout. When asked by media following the bout why she was so emotional, she had this to say:

“A lot of children in Brazil, I [teach] about character. When she tapped and… my children watch this fight, and I need to [teach] them about character, not fighting dirty. I think of my children and my family and then I cried, because I cry for everything, I cry and smile, you know?”

What are your thoughts on UFC Vegas 59’s #Tapgate?

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