Saturday, September 24, 2022

Former Child Star Uses MMA Skills To Battle Anti-Semitism

An actor best-known for his film work as a child star is using his MMA background to benefit his local community in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Lipnicki first made a name for himself in Hollywood as child actor when he appeared in films such as Jerry Maguire, Doctor Doolittle, and Stuart Little.

The 31-year-old has continued his work in TV and film following those early years of success, but he’s also kept busy by pursuing his lifelong passion for martial arts.

Lipnicki has grown up quite a bit since his early days in Hollywood. (The Mirror)

Lipnicki started practicing martial arts early in his life, and in 2020 he received his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt after 14 years of training. The actor’s father also owns Fight Sports Entertainment, which promotes MMA events.

While he hasn’t felt the need to enter the cage for an organized fight himself, Lipnicki says he’s skilled enough to act as a sparring partner for other gym members that are preparing for their own bouts.

Inspired By Rise In Anti-Semitic Attacks

Lipnicki comes from a Jewish family, and the rise in Anti-Semitic attacks during the last few years in the United States has inspired him to more actively support the Jewish community in Los Angeles.

After a viral Anti-Semitic attack occurred at a sushi restaurant in West Los Angeles last May, the 31-year-old teamed up with his friend Remy Franklin to organize a group that helps escort members of the city’s Jewish community to places of worship.

While Lipnicki is Jewish, he told TMZ that many people assisting the cause have elected to do so regardless of what their own background may be.

“A lot of us are martial artists or own martial arts gyms and not all of us are Jewish,” Lipnicki said. “It’s just people wanting to help other people. Everyone should have the right to worship without being discriminated against.”

An MMA background must certainly help his comfort level in the face of any possible altercations, but Lipnicki thinks that just the act of having a group together is enough to scare off a lot of potential attackers.

“Bullies of any sort or people who promote hatred don’t like when there’s a presence there and I think having a presence is a huge deterrent.”

What do you think of Lipnicki’s efforts to use his MMA training to help protect members of the Los Angeles Jewish community from Anti-Semitic attacks?

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