Saturday, September 24, 2022

Wade Tells Loughnane PFL Pushed Him Due To Nationality

PFL featherweight semifinalist Chris Wade feels his upcoming opponent, Brendan Loughnane, has made it to the playoffs solely based on his UK roots.

Wade and Loughnane will fight in the featherweight semifinals this Saturday in London. Both featherweights are coming into the playoffs off of back-to-back wins and plenty of momentum for this stage.

Wade and Loughnane, along with fighting for a spot in the 2022 PFL Championships, are also fighting for bragging rights. The two fighters have gone back and forth both in various media appearances and on social media over the last year.

While Wade feels that Loughnane ranks amongst the toughest opponents he’s faced, he feels that the PFL has done everything they can to push a specific narrative to get Loughnane into the playoffs.

Chris Wade Takes His Beef With Brendan Loughnane To A New Level

Chris Wade, Brendan Loughnane

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Wade explained why he feels that the PFL has pushed Loughnane to the top.

“I don’t understand why they pay him the way they do, because I think he’s useless,” Wade exclaimed. “But, he’s convinced them that he has this following that doesn’t exist. He’s making more money than he deserves…

“They had already gone and committed to London… and he had a guy pull out of a fight, but I know from talking to people that he was turning other replacements down. And I know the guy they chose as the replacement was 0-2 before that fight. How do you get signed to a big promotion off of two losses, unless they’re trying to carry that red coat into the playoffs? They need him because they were coming to London and he’s the biggest English name that they have.”

Wade earned the No. 1 featherweight seed following a unanimous decision win over Lance Palmer, and a first-round knockout of Kyle Bochniak. As for Loughnane, he won back-to-back decisions over Ago Huskić and Ryoji Kudo.

The PFL hasn’t had a rivalry quite like this except for Kayla Harrison vs. Larissa Pacheco. Wade and Loughnane may be one of the most heated pairings in recent memory across the sport in general.

Wade and Loughnane have done an excellent job at promoting their upcoming playoff matchup and the stage is set for a show on Saturday.

What is your prediction for Chris Wade vs. Brendan Loughnane?

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