Friday, October 7, 2022

Christos Giagos Slices Pinky On Broken Toilet, Out Of UFC Paris

UFC lightweight Christos Giagos suffered an all-time freak injury that has forced him out of his upcoming fight at UFC Paris.

Giagos was supposed to face Benoît Saint-Denis on the UFC’s first Paris card on Sept. 3. Unfortunately, that bout has been canceled after a recent accident while Giagos was at his home.

Injuries are a commonality in MMA due to the sheer brutality of the sport. Many fighters suffer injuries in sparring sessions or innocent drills during camp that tweak a part of the athlete’s body.

Giagos’ odd circumstances behind his UFC Paris withdrawal may top the list of the strangest injuries suffered by fighters.

Christos Giagos Withdrew From UFC Paris After Freak Injury

In a recent Instagram post, Giagos detailed the unusual reasoning behind his UFC Paris withdrawal.

“I was getting some cleaning done and while wiping down a piece of my grill in the trash my hand hit a broken porcelain toilet and gashed my hand open, cutting a tendon in my pinky,” Giagos revealed. “Unfortunately, due to the severity of the injury I had to pull out of my upcoming fight in Paris. I was praying the damage wasn’t bad so I could still take the fight, but that wasn’t the case.

“I went to a hand specialist today to check the damage and had to undergo a minor surgery to reattach my pinky tendon. My focus is to get healed up as fast as possible. As much as this pains me, the only thing I have control over is how quickly I get back.”

Giagos is far from the only odd injury suffered by a UFC fighter in recent years. Ahead of his scheduled fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 223, Tony Ferguson suffered a torn ligament in his knee after tripping over a wire at the venue.

Giagos was looking to get back in the win column following back-to-back losses to Arman Tsarukyan and Thiago Moisés. A timeframe for his Octagon return could be determined in the coming weeks.

Where does Christos Giagos’ injury rank amongst the most bizarre injuries in UFC history?

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