Thursday, September 29, 2022

Conor McGregor’s Full Reaction To Usman’s UFC 278 Demise

Conor McGregor wasted no time burying the former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, after his knockout defeat at UFC 278.

McGregor and Usman have gone back and forth numerous times over the years, with the Irishman repeatedly suggesting that he may fight for the 170lb title. It also does not help that Usman’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz also represents Khabib Nurmagomedov, and was the subject of McGregor’s trash talk in the buildup to their fight, and since.

Conor McGregor Piles on Kamaru Usman

Given their tumultuous past, it comes as little surprise that Conor McGregor did not hesitate to gloat about the fact that Kamaru Usman got knocked out by a brutal head kick in the final minute of his UFC 278 main event against Leon Edwards. The former champ-champ took to Twitter with an onslaught of tweets to completely roast the now former welterweight champion.

“Just like that baby, what a game! Huge congrats @ParadigmSports and Leon Edwards! ANOTHER CHAMPION!” McGregor congratulated, referencing the management team that represents he and Edwards alike, before adding maniacally “Hahahahahhhahajaaj.”

McGregor then added to the onslaught by adding “Usman gonna come out saying he from Pluto after that smack hahah Marty green pants from Pluto 😂 Ya’s’r all shite bags don’t forget it.”

Conor McGregor then concluded his brutal Twitter attack by retweeting a photo of Usman unconscious with his eyes open, mocking “The Nigerian Nightmare” once more by saying “Mi no lika the boi no sleep dem man hahahaha twat got twatted”

This was a brutal online attack from Conor McGregor, who wasted no time ripping into Kamaru Usman. Time will tell what kind of response the former champion has for these comments from the Irishman, but it will surely be something intense.

What did you think of these remarks from Conor McGregor?

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