Sunday, September 25, 2022

Cormier Blasts MMA Media For Handling Of Cruz’s Comments

Daniel Cormier is once again taking issue with the MMA media for its handling of Dominick Cruz‘s remarks about DC’s commentary.

In the leadup to the UFC 269 Fight of the Night last year between Dominick Cruz and Pedro Munhoz, comments from the former UFC bantamweight king regarding Cormier’s commentary went viral. Cruz outed Cormier for not doing adequate research ahead of his broadcast duties, seemingly blindsiding his colleague in the process.

Soon after the remarks, Cruz and Cormier would hash things out in a face-to-face interview moderated by fellow colleague Michael Bisping. Depending on the beholder, the exchange was likely perceived as a successful resolution or an awkward extension of the initial train wreck.

As the story began to die down, Cruz shared his one regret from vocalizing his thoughts about Cormier’s professional weakness, which isn’t that he said them but rather where he said them because he and Cormier had agreed that the media had manipulated and sensationalized his words.

In a bit of déjà vu, Cruz has again remarked on Cormier’s commentary and one of the two broadcasters has once again targeted the media for shining a light on the uttered words.

During the UFC San Diego media day, Cruz said the following when asked if Cormier is now doing more research than before.

“Doubt it. Doubtful. But again, I’ve learned to let go of control. DC’s gonna do DC. I call him ‘The Golden Fluffer.’ He’s like — whatever you wanna hear, he will say it and he will make you love him. So that’s his gift — the gift of gab.”

Daniel Cormier Irked By Media Sharing Cruz’s Quote

Hours after Cruz shared these updated thoughts on Cormier’s commentary, the former champ-champ took to Twitter to respond to an Instagram post that quoted “The Dominator.”

“I just wish everyone would just stop twisting Dominic words man. It’s frustrating, we’re friends I know you heard him tell me he loves me yesterday at the end of our interview. No one could fake that.”

It’s unclear what Cormier means by “twisting” Cruz’s words, as the quote is shared verbatim. Perhaps it is the caption provided by The Mac Life that reads “Dominick Cruz has a WILD nickname for Daniel Cormier” that specifically bothered the former Olympian.

In any event, duty calls for both Cruz and Cormier this weekend at UFC San Diego. Cormier will be on broadcast duties while Cruz handles the main-event assignment. Cruz’s partner for this undertaking will not be Cormier, nor Jon Anik, nor the great Joe Rogan.

Instead, it will be a hungry Marlon “Chito” Vera who will be looking to make any potential Cormier research on this fight wasteful by putting a quick end to this particular contest.

Does Daniel Cormier have a point about the way Dominick Cruz’s words about his commentary have been handled by the MMA media?

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