Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Cruz: Nobody Cares That Vera Won O’Malley Fight

Prior to tonight’s UFC San Diego card, Dominick Cruz accused Marlon Vera is seeking attention.

Dominick Cruz will be facing top-5 bantamweight Marlon Vera live from Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California. In the leadup to the fight, there was some trash talking coming from the side of Vera. He had been calling out many fighters in the division before eventually landing Cruz.

Cruz has a theory as to why the normally quiet and reserved Vera is now beginning to call out opponents and using trash-talking tactics to get himself into fights.

Dominick Cruz Feels That Marlon Vera Is Trying To Make Himself Heard

“When I look at Vera, all the things he says, I don’t think he really means that. I mean, he does, but he just wants to be heard,” Cruz said to The Schmo. “He’s a guy that just wants people to hear him because, look at what he did to Sean O’Malley, and nobody said a thing about him. I mean nobody cares that he won that fight.

“So he’s just tired of being ignored because you know, people don’t really, care that much about him when he wins. Nobody says anything. So, I think that he’s just trying to be heard.”

Marlon Vera Vegas
Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY

Cruz is now ranked below Vera for the first time in their UFC careers, a point that Vera felt he needed to point out. Vera is on a winning streak of three in a row and this five-round main event against Cruz could be the ticket to a title shot if he is victorious. To Cruz, it looks like Vera is coping with some anger in the way he has been acting out.

“He’s got a lot of demons, I guess that he’s dealing with I don’t know. But you know, when it comes down to when you see him when after that fight, I’ve seen him in the back,” Cruz said. “We’ve worked together. He’s, he’s cool. I have no beef with this guy. So I’m very neutral about it. He’s obviously very angry about something. I think he just wants to be heard and for people to care about him.”

Whether there is animosity between these two or not, tonight they will be locked in a cage together, with one coming out on the path toward a bantamweight title and one going back to the drawing board.

Who do you see winning between Dominick Cruz and Marlon Vera tonight at UFC San Diego?

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