Monday, October 3, 2022

Dana White Calls MMA Journalist A ‘Jackass’ For Jake Paul Question

UFC President Dana White is getting tired of silly questions involving Jake Paul.

White has gone back and forth with the younger Paul brother since the YouTuber began dabbling in the world of boxing. Between online disses, insulting music videos, and various squabbles through the media, these two have developed something of a love-hate relationship with one another.

Dana White Is Not Boxing Jake Paul

There is apparently one scenario that is simply too far for Dana White, and that button was pushed in an unexpected way.

While filming a video for GQ, White was asked a seemingly not serious question about potentially boxing Jake Paul, co-promoted between Triller and Zuffa boxing, but longtime MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu, and he seemed to take it a bit too seriously.

“You guys realize I’m 53 years old now right? When I was going to fight Tito (Ortiz),I was 37. I’m 53,” White said. “Come talk to me when you fucking idiots are 53 years old and tell me if you want to fight some fucking 20 year old kid. I promise you will not. You are a jackass, Sandhu!”

Dana White made a reference to his fabled boxing fight with former UFC champion Tito Ortiz, when they two were expected to fight back in 2007, filmed a docu-series about the fight, only for it to never actually happen.

That said, it is pretty evident that Chamatkar Sandhu was not being serious when he suggested the UFC President take on Jake Paul at this point in his life. Luckily, Sandhu took it in stride.

There is no doubt that White is long past the time with which he will be willing and able to step in the ring. Although it may be funny to consider how a fight between the two of them would have gone, if Dana was a decade and a half younger.

Did Dana White overreact to this question from the journalist?

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