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Gold-Winning Olympic Judoka Jailed After Drunken-Brawl Murder

A gold medal-winning Olympic judoka has been jailed after the brutal murder of his friend during a drunken brawl in Mongolia.

Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar made history in Beijing 14 years ago when he became Mongolia’s first-ever Olympic gold medalist. Having followed that success with silver in London four years later, he firmly cemented himself as a national hero, and later became president of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee.

His success isn’t just rooted in judo, though. His Olympic performances are credited to have “prompted leaders from feuding parties to join thousands of revelers in the streets to celebrate their champion,” according to Reuters.

The International Judo Federation even uploaded a video to YouTube in 2019 celebrating Tüvshinbayar’s success, branding him the man who “stopped a civil war” through Olympic triumph.

But while he embraced celebratory status, which included numerous media and television appearances, and political influence, Tüvshinbayar committed a crime last year that has since stripped him of such glory.

His new legacy? That of a vicious murderer.

From Olympic Judoka To Brutal Murderer

Just four years after helping to promote the successful campaign of Democratic Party presidential candidate Khaltmaagiin Battulga, one night turned Tüvshinbayar’s life, as well as others’, on its head.

The two-time Olympic medalist was charged with the killing of his friend, Mongolian wrestling figure Erdenebilegiin Enkhbat, during a meeting with a number of notable members of the Democratic Party in the country’s Zavkhan province.

Per iSee, having become intoxicated and violent, Tüvshinbayar attacked Enkhbat. After striking his childhood friend with an object, the victim as left with brain damage, which later led to his death in hospital.

Following a much-publicized year-long trial, Tüvshinbayar was transformed from a national hero to a disgraced athlete. He’ll now spend 16 years in prison after being handed the sentence by the court of the Khan-Uul district of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar
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