Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jake Paul Announces A New Sports Betting Platform Called ‘Betr’

Jake Paul is planning on changing the sports betting world with his new app and media company.

Jake Paul seems to have his hands in many different business ventures and now he is adding a new one to the mix. Paul, the YouTube star, turned boxer is now looking to take over the sports betting world. He announced this week that alongside his partner Joey Levy, Paul is launching a betting/media company called Betr.

“We announce our new company Betr, which has two parts, one is sports betting and online casino and the other is media content factory. We plan on taking over the sports world and changing it forever, bringing new sports content,” Paul told TMZ Sports. “You think about sport show hosts, none of them are under the age of 40 and sports betting is this old sort of archaic, outdated, not fun thing right now. Our company and app is going to take that over and make the product way more intuitive and way more fun for people to use.”

The Betr app will focus on “micro betting.” Micro-betting is betting that happens in real time, during the event on things that could happen or are about to happen. Some examples could be what pitch will be thrown next in baseball or what play will be run in football.

Jake Paul Will Host A Weekly Show On This New Platform

In addition to the betting side of things, Paul will also be hosting a show on the platform. He will be inviting some of his sports and celebrity friends to join him in sports discussions, beginning with some well-known fighters.

“I’m launching my show, actually tomorrow. It’s called BS with Jake Paul,” he explained. “And it’s gonna be a weekly sports show, bringing on athletes, celebrities, and people who want to talk about sports and bringing new sports fans into the new world. You know, like what if ESPN was started today? That’s what we’re trying to build and to reach the audience where they’re at. Our first guests we had two first guests on ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley, and Devin Haney.”

Paul and his partner have high hopes for this new venture. They think this is the future of betting and that this company can grow to be worth over a billion dollars.

Are you interested in this new app and will you be participating?

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