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Jon Jones Responds To Criticism Of Recent Training Video

Jon Jones is deriving motivation from all the critics who said he looked slow in his recent training video.

The video, which was posted on Jones’ Instagram earlier this week, shows the former UFC light heavyweight champ smashing pads with a trainer as he prepares to make his long-awaited heavyweight debut.

Jones has regularly teased fans with glimpses of his new heavyweight physique via Instagram, attracting many positive comments from those eagerly awaiting his return to the Octagon. This latest video, however, seemed to have lured the trolls out of the woodwork.

In a series of tweets, Jones has hit back at all those critics who deemed his padwork slow, saying that the criticism simply fuels his desire to get into shape.

“For all those who said I looked a little slow in my last training video, I appreciate the added motivation. I’ll push harder, can’t wait for you all to see your boy in actual fight shape. Everything has its process,” tweeted Jones.

Jones hasn’t fought since his controversial victory over Dominick Reyes in March 2020. And while the 35-year-old may be testing the patience of many fans eagerly awaiting his return, he’s regularly stated that he’s prepared to take the time to ensure his transition to heavyweight is successful.

Key to this successful transition, tweeted Jones, is putting on sufficient bulk to ensure he can compete as a true heavyweight.

“I personally don’t feel slow, I’m aware that I’m not in camp and I am in a bulking phase. But I like people judging that version of me, it could only work to my advantage,” tweeted Jones.

Jones’ Heavyweight Debut Is Closer Than Ever

Jones’ long road to becoming a heavyweight began all the way back in August 2020, shortly after he vacated the light heavyweight title. And it now appears that journey is possibly nearing its end.

Last month, UFC President Dana White revealed that Jon is “ready to go” and that he could potentially face champ Francis Ngannou or Stipe Miocic on debut. Jones too has expressed that he’s “ready” and simply “waiting on a date” to make his heavyweight debut. The timing of Jones’ debut, however, is still very much uncertain.

Ngannou is currently recovering from surgery to repair a grade 3 MCL tear and a damaged ACL, and in April, the Cameroonian revealed that he’ll most likely be ready to defend his title in December. Stipe, meanwhile, is believed to be desiring a return to the Octagon in September.

Jon Jones hw
Jon Jones working the pads in his new and improved heavyweight physique (PHOTO: MMA MANIA).

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