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Jordan Leavitt Says He Frustrated The UFC Before Pimblett Fight

UFC lightweight Jordan Leavitt wasn’t willing to let Paddy Pimblett and the UFC attempt to make a name off of him before UFC London.

Leavitt faced Pimblett at UFC London last weekend, losing via second-round submission. Following the victory over Leavitt, Pimblett went on to live up to his promise of ‘tea-bagging’ his opponent after he finished him.

Leavitt admitted that he felt offended by the UFC offering him a fight with Pimblett due to Pimblett’s selection of opponents so far during his Octagon tenure. Pimblett had defeated Kazula Vargas and Luigi Vendramini.

Leavitt knew that Pimblett was one of the biggest names on the card, and he wasn’t inclined to be the scapegoat for the UFC’s promotion of Pimblett as a star.

Jordan Leavitt Explained Why He Refused Face-To-Face Interview

Jordan Leavitt

During a recent interview with The MMA-Holes, Leavitt explained how his reluctance to add to the pre-fight buildup irked the UFC.

“I absolutely did enjoy the pre-fight press conference, because beforehand they were like ‘you don’t seem like you care what people think’ and I’m like I don’t care at all,” Leavitt said. “I don’t even really want to be here. I said no to every interview that wasn’t required. We’ll do the bare minimum, I’m just trying to get out of here, cut weight, fight.

“They had like this really cool face-to-face that they asked me to do, I said no to. And I was like yeah, I’m not interested. And then on fight week they said ‘you have this face-to-face thing’, and I said I actually don’t, I never said yes,” Leavitt explained.

“So there was a bit of arguments back and forth ‘but this is really good for your career!’ I looked at the numbers, and it really doesn’t do anything for me, I’m sorry. I feel kinda cool being like ‘no, no, you need this, I don’t’. And they were kind of a little frustrated with me.”

Before the loss to Pimblett, Leavitt earned back-to-back wins over Trey Ogden and Matt Sayles following a loss to the surging Claudio Puelles. He earned a shot in the UFC following an impressive showing on Dana White‘s Contender Series in 2020.

Leavitt has plenty of time to right the ship following his second UFC loss, but the UFC may not pair him up with another marketable fighter after his recent refusal to participate in the pre-fight promotion.

What are your thoughts on Jordan Leavitt’s comments?

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