Monday, September 26, 2022

Watch: Usman Gives Fans A Secret Glimpse Into UFC 278 Fight Camp

Kamaru Usman is giving fans a look into what he has been up to in fight camp.

The UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is ready to defend his title for the sixth time. Usman has been called one of the best fighters to have ever fought in the UFC welterweight division and could be the greatest of all time when his career is all said and done. Usman is not a big trash talker.

Although he would not shy away from a verbal spring match, he seems to mostly keep to himself and lets his fighting do the talking.

Kamaru Usman Brings Fans On His Journey With Him In YouTube Video

In the lead-up to his next bout, Usman is giving fans a unique look into what goes into his preparation for a fight. He will be taking on Leon Edwards next in Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow night, August 20. For this camp, Usman spent time in Colorado and showed some of his training there on the latest installment of The Anatomy of a Fighter on his YouTube channel.

During the video, Usman can be seen training with his coaches and his brother Mohammed Usman. He discussed the rematch with Edwards briefly and showed his confidence in himself and his ability to win.

“I’m extremely excited, rematch or no rematch, it’s a new opponent, it’s another opponent. It’s another fight,” he said. “That one thing where I think I excel, where I differ from a lot of people, doesn’t matter who it is, you still have to fight. Worse come to worst, technique out the window, tired, both tired, both just nothing else, I’m going to win. So that’s all it’s about, I’ll do anything, if I just got to stand there, drained, I’m gonna win.”

The first bout between Usman and Edwards took place in 2015 and was Usman’s second UFC fight. He acknowledges the fact that both men have grown in the sport and have changed, but he feels confident that he will have his hand raised on Saturday night.

Who are you picking to win at UFC 278, Kamaru Usman or Leon Edwards?

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