Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kamaru Usman Lashes Out At USADA For “Stupid” Requirement

Kamaru Usman is not a happy camper today after an untimely visit from USADA.

The UFC welterweight champion woke up on Thursday morning to an unwelcome visit from the U.S Anti-doping Agency (USADA). As part of the UFC’s mission to keep the sport clean the USADA has the job of randomly testing fighters in and out of competition, this sometimes means visits to their homes at inconvenient times. This most recent visit to the home of Usman led him to lash out on social media.

“Dear @usantidoping there’s a reason u make us fill out our whereabouts. So U know where we are at all times. Disrupting our sleep at 5 am is just plain stupid. Next time I’ll make you guys follow me around all day,” Usman wrote.

This is a far cry from the mood Usman had last year when he was all smiles after being gifted a jacket for 50 perfect tests under USADA.

USADA Must Perform Random Drug Testing On All UFC Athletes

This occurrence is not out of the ordinary. Many times, the USADA representative will show up at a fighter’s home while they are still sleeping to catch them off guard. It is also an easy way to find them since most of the time fighters live busy lives and being home at 5 am seems like a given most of the time, however disruptive it might be.

Each fighter is required to fill out a “whereabouts” form to give the USADA places and times that they can be found throughout their days. Failure to fill out these forms on multiple occasions can lead to suspensions and fines. Usman feels that he should not be disturbed at home since he filled out his forms. The randomness of the testing calls for these types of visits, but it seems many fighters find problems with it.

Despite the flawed system that the USADA has set up the testing is necessary to keep the sport clean and make sure nobody is using illegal substances. Lack of sleep might be a small price to pay for justice.

Do you think USADA making such early house calls like this 5AM wakeup to Kamaru Usman is unnecessary?

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