Friday, October 7, 2022

Kayla Harrison Mocks Cyborg’s Boxing Debut, Gets Blocked

Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg have reignited talks of a potential fight amidst Cyborg’s recently announced boxing debut for next month.

Harrison and Cyborg have been linked to a possible matchup for months, stemming back to Harrison’s free agency earlier this year. She nearly signed with Bellator for a fight with Cyborg before the PFL matched the offer.

Harrison will face Martina Jindrová in the PFL women’s lightweight semifinals on Aug. 20. She’s picked up wins over Kaitlin Young and Marina Mokhnatkina so far this season.

In addition to another PFL belt on her radar, Harrison has gone back and forth with Cyborg on social media regarding a future matchup. The PFL and Bellator haven’t made progress on a potential cross-promotional fight between the two female MMA stars.

Despite fight talks hitting a dead end, that didn’t stop Harrison from reacting to Cyborg’s next fight. Cyborg will make her professional boxing debut on Sept. 25 against Simone Silva, a 17-21 boxer who has fought competition such as Amanda Serrano.

Kayla Harrison & Cris Cyborg Reignite Twitter Beef

Cris "Cyborg" Justino, Kayla Harrison
Yahoo! Sports and USA Today

It all started when Harrison mocked Cyborg’s choice of opponent for her first fight in the boxing ring.

“Oh the irony,” Harrison said. “17-21 (compared to) 14-0.”

Harrison has accumulated a 14-0 record in MMA with two women’s lightweight world titles in the PFL.

Cyborg then responded by taking a jab at Harrison’s ability to promote a potential pay-per-view.

“What irony?” Cyborg replied. “Your own manager said you can’t sell a PPV…if that isn’t a red flag.”

Harrison went on to play the role of negotiator and pitched the terms of a potential fight with Cyborg.

“Then come take the money and find out,” Harrison said. “Winner can take all. On second thought, u can have my purse if U win. Keep yours when u lose b/c you’re gonna need it.

“And I’ll agree to full usada drug testing and u can juice to the gills. The only thing I ask for is elbows on the ground to be legal.”

Cyborg then hit back at Harrison’s attempts to get under her skin on social media.

Tensions hit a boiling point when Harrison revealed that Cyborg had once again blocked her on Twitter.

“AGAIN!” Harrison tweeted with a screenshot.

The PFL is set to launch its pay-per-view division in 2023 and a grudge match between Harrison and Cyborg could be on the table. Harrison has hinted that this could be her last season with the PFL but intends to continue fighting on the league’s upcoming PPV cards.

After seeing the latest banter between Harrison and Cyborg, PFL co-founder Donn Davis weighed in.

“Fans want the fight. Fighters want the fight,” Davis tweeted. I have watched and listened … [PFL] will provide all money and handle all matters [Harrison] v [Cyborg]. $1M each fighter + $2M winner bonus PPV Super Fight … no more talk … decide the best inside the cage.”

First thing’s first for Cyborg, who will face Silva next month before another possible boxing match against Katie Taylor that had been rumored for December. She also still holds the Bellator women’s featherweight title and is expected to defend it in the coming months.

Harrison had appeared to move on from talks of a Cyborg fight earlier this year, but things seem to be back in motion between these two rivals.

Do you think we’ll ever see Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg fight?

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