Monday, October 3, 2022

Gane Floors Influencer Kenny Chao Jr With Body Punch

Cyril Gane has taken a break from fight camp to drop YouTuber Kenny Chao Jr in a fun clip.

The Frenchman prepares to face Tai Tuivasa in the inaugural UFC event in his motherland, Paris to be exact. He takes on the beer-guzzling, hard-hitting, shoe-drinking knockout artist Tai Tuivassa in an important heavyweight bout. Gane most recently came up short against champion Francis Ngannou at UFC 270.

Tai Tuivasa, on the other hand, is in a rich vein of form. On a run of five straight knockouts, including most recently Derrick Lewis, a man who is the greatest knockout specialist in UFC history, at least according to stats.

The winner of the bout has nowhere else to move on to other than champion Francis Ngannou, so the stakes are about as high as they come.

Gane Collapses Kenny 

In this clip, Gane can be seen loading up a punch before letting it go on Kenny Chao. Chao, of YouTube fame. The holder of 309,000 subscribers on the platform, he can be seen in protective gear, being laid out by the former title challenger.

Known for producing short-form content, there are more than just a few videos of him being punched for views. With some fetching as high as one million views, it is easy to see why He keeps dipping back into that metaphorical water well.

The former interim UFC champion Gane will be hoping for a similar reaction to gut punches come fight night. Chao seemed to realise about halfway to the floor that he had made a tremendous mistake.

The clip closes out with Chao, face down, ‘mannequin-esque,’ as Mike Goldberg might quip. “Bam Bam,” though, is sure to hit back, and with career-changing force. Whoever comes out on top, we are most likely looking at the next title challenger.

Could you take a punch from Cyril Gane?

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