Friday, September 30, 2022

Watch: Leon Edwards Gets A Hero’s Welcome In The UK After KO

UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards got off the plane in the UK with an audience of cheering fans, friends & family there to greet him.

Edwards pulled off an all-time upset against Kamaru Usman at UFC 278. With a minute left in the fight, Edwards landed a head kick that slept Usman and gave him the welterweight title.

Edwards is just in the initial days of experiencing fame and fortune that UFC champions benefit from after big victories. While Edwards understands the immense responsibility that comes with being a UFC titleholder, he plans on being himself and not turning into a character.

Edwards is arguably one of the biggest athletic stars that Birmingham, UK has ever produced. After the biggest win of his career, he was rewarded with lots of love back home.

Leon Edwards Gets Welcomed By Adoring Friends, Fans, & Family In The UK

In a recent post on Renegade MMA’s Instagram story, Edwards is welcomed by close friends and family as he arrives home with the UFC belt in tow.

Edwards has turned into a massive UK MMA star following his recent wins in the Octagon. His next fight, potentially a trilogy against Usman, is expected to take place in the UK at a later date.

Edwards is far from the only UFC champion who has experienced a warm homecoming in their home country after gaining the title. UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou was welcomed back to Cameroon with a parade in the streets following his knockout of Stipe Miocic at UFC 260.

As Usman begins to work his way back from the loss, Edwards is enjoying the perks that come with being a champion and the love that comes from fans of his accomplishments.

Will Leon Edwards defeat Kamaru Usman in a trilogy fight?

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