Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lightweight Aims To Be First Simultaneous UFC/WWE Champ-Champ

A current UFC lightweight is looking to make history in two different sports.

Up-and-coming UFC star Terrence “T Wrecks” McKinney has some lofty goals for himself in combat sports. Much like most UFC fighters, McKinney is actively pursuing UFC gold. A standout in the lightweight division, McKinney has won three of his four UFC fights so far and is beginning to discuss his title aspirations on a regular basis.

As it happens, McKinney believes he has enough star power to not only excel in the UFC but to take his talents to the WWE as well.

Terrence McKinney Wants To Be The First Fighter To Dominate The UFC And WWE At The Same Time

Terrance McKinney

McKinney is definitely not lacking in skills. He has been fighting professionally for only five years and is already close to being ranked in the most stacked divisions in the UFC. Something else McKinney is certainly not lacking is confidence.

He has already called his shot to be a UFC champion one day and has not shied away from asking for difficult fights. For his next time out, he has been calling for a bout with Paddy Pimblett or Bobby Green.

Although no opponent has been named yet for McKinney, he continues to voice his future goals to the world. His next goal is to become UFC champion and then WWE champion.

“After I become champ, I’m gonna go over and take the WWE world title, too,” he wrote on Twitter.

McKinney wrestled in high school and was a two-time WIAA state champion. He ultimately left his wrestling days behind and moved on to mixed martial arts. As for his foray into the WWE, he has not been offered that position just yet.

There have been several MMA fighters to make the leap over to WWE or vice versa. Most notably are Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, and CM Punk but none have held both titles at the same time. McKinney’s goal seems like a lofty one, but his journey has just begun so perhaps in time he can get there.

Do you think Terrence McKinney’s goal of being both UFC and WWE champ is possible?

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