Monday, October 3, 2022

Manager Gives Update On The UFC Return Of Justin Gaethje

It seems like fans are going to be waiting a few more months to see the return of the ever-exciting Justin Gaethje inside the Octagon.

The last time Gaethje was seen, he was giving his all against Charles Oliveira, in a title fight that saw him the only person eligible to win the belt after the then-champ missed weight. Unfortunately, after a wild first round that saw him drop Oliveira, he would fall short a few moments later after getting caught in a rear naked choke.

Justin Gaethje Will Be Back In 2023

While it has only been about three months since the last time Justin Gaethje fought, fans have been wondering when he will be back, especially with the rest of the top end of the lightweight division matching together. However, it seems that there is still going to be a wait before those fans will get their wish.

According to an interview with Ali Abdelaziz, who manages Gaethje, the human highlight reel is still recovering from a busted nose and is not supposed to be training. So Abdelaziz is hoping to get his client a fight with a big, relevant name sometime in the first quarter of 2023.

“He’s good, man. Justin Gaethje, we’re probably going to see him at the beginning of next year. His nose is still… yesterday I had to stop him from training. He tried to grapple and I jumped in. I was like ‘Stop.’ His nose is not healed,” Abdelaziz said. “I would love to see him fight Conor McGregor when he comes back, or some big fights. This is what he’s looking for. He’s not going to be there for some guys to make a name off him.”

While it is unfortunate to see Justin Gaethje dealing with this injury, given the wars he has been in, a little time off will likely do him good. That said, it appears that Conor McGregor is not looking to return this year, after having taken a recent movie role, so returning on that timetable may be able to set up the big fight he is looking for.

Who do you want to see Justin Gaethje fight in his UFC return?

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