Monday, October 3, 2022

Vera Dismisses “Bad Blood” Between Himself and Cruz

Marlon Vera is not beefing with Dominick Cruz, despite what Cruz thinks.

Marlon Vera is ready to beat up Dominick Cruz but it’s all business to him. The pair will be headlining tonight’s UFC San Diego card, and the lead-up to the event brought out some fighting words.

Marlon first called out for Cruz by calling him a name and stating the fact that he was now ahead of him on the rankings. Cruz accepted the fight and brought a little trash talk back at Vera.

Cruz previously mentioned that he believes that Vera’s talk is to get attention and stated that nobody cares about him and that he has demons he is dealing with. The “bad blood” between them was thickening according to Cruz, but Vera does not feel the same way.

To Marlon Vera, Fighting Is Fighting And Work Is Work

Marlon Vera

“There’s no bad blood. He’s just in front of me, you know? What is the point of being nice like, ‘hey, my brother, I wish you the best,’ no, it’s fu-king fighting, they lock us in a cage, the winner gets more money,” Vera explained to The Schmo. “I don’t think this is a friendly game.

“So I was watching the UFC live when they announced our fight and it was getting all sensible like Oh, there’s a beef. I’m like, there’s no beef. I just called him out when the UFC offered us a fight multiple times. Those are not lies. Those are facts. UFC called, you want to fight Cruz? Yes, sure. He declined like close to three times. So I just call him like, Yo, why don’t want to take the fight Come on. So that’s not a beef, in my opinion, that’s just being real.”

Vera and Cruz are both UFC commentators and although do not work in proximity to each other have run into each other while working before. Vera said he has nothing against Cruz and that it is just business as usual.

When all is said and done, fighters get into a cage and face off against each other. Whatever trash talk has come before is left at the door when it closes behind them.

Vera is on a very impressive winning streak of three in a row over top opponents. Cruz is a former champion on a mission to regain his belt. These two will be going into the Octagon to win regardless of their feelings for each other.

Who do you have winning tonight’s UFC San Diego main event between Marlon Vera and Dominick Cruz?

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