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Marlon Vera Alleges “Fat C*nt” Petr Yan Rejected August 13 Fight

UFC bantamweight contender Marlon Vera says he was close to facing former champion Petr Yan before Yan declined to fight in the desired timeframe.

Vera and Yan had been initially linked to a fight earlier this year following Yan’s loss to Aljamain Sterling at UFC 273. Despite the interest from both sides, they couldn’t come to terms on a fight date and Vera ended up getting a headliner this weekend at UFC San Diego against Dominick Cruz.

Vera, a winner of three straight, could be potentially on the verge of a title shot with a win this weekend over Cruz. While a win over Cruz may not be solely enough to earn him a shot at the belt, he wants to use it as a step towards a showdown with Yan and other top contenders.

Yan will face Sean O’Malley at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi on Oct. 22. Vera and Yan could be on a collision course with wins in their next fights.

Marlon Vera Says He Was Supposed To Face Petr Yan Instead Of Dominick Cruz

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During a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Vera was asked for clarification about the original plan for his upcoming fight.

“They called me to fight Petr Yan in Boston, Massachusetts, August 13. Petr Yan, that fat c*nt, declined the fight because he was eating pizza in Italy and he’s like, ‘Ah, I don’t have time to make the weight. I don’t have time to prepare.’ If I’m that easy money, why don’t just say, ‘F*ck it?’ … But he declined the fight,” Vera claimed. “He say he wanna fight in November/October. I was like, ‘You ain’t that cool to wait for you, buddy.’

“So I was like, ‘I want options, I wanna fight, I wanna make money. Come on, let’s go.’ And they went, ‘Well, he declined, you wanna fight Dominick Cruz?’ I was like, ‘Sure, why not?’ Why am I gonna lie? When you speak the truth, dude, you don’t need to remember anything,” Vera continued. “That’s what happened. That’s not sh*t-talking, that’s not beef between me and the Russian fat guy, he just didn’t have the time. He was doing a little trip in Europe. Good for him.”

Vera and Yan are two centerpieces in the stacked UFC bantamweight title picture. Sterling will defend his belt against former champion TJ Dillashaw at UFC 280, with the victor potentially facing either Yan or Vera next depending on how things play out.

Despite Vera not getting his desired fight against Yan this time around, he has the opportunity to make a statement this Saturday and clash with his Russian counterpart at a later date.

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