Sunday, October 2, 2022

Marshall Inu Crypto Promotion Unveiled By Dave Leduc

Marshall Inu has teamed up with “The King of Lethwei” Dave Leduc to launch Marshall Fighting Championships, the world’s first crypto promotion where the fights take place in real life.

It is fronted by Dave Leduc, the Canadian Lethwei expert who has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, as well as being a multi-combat sports veteran. He gained much notoriety by becoming the first non-Burmese fighter to capture the Lethwei golden belt. Now a huge celebrity in Myanmar, he helps lend his respect to the start-up.

Marshall Inu, named so after Joe Rogan’s dog, has long been a proponent of the fighters getting their fair share. Their slogan, ‘Fighting for Fighters’ is now going to be put to the test. One voice in the MMA community that has received benefits from the coin is Chael Sonnen, who can often be seen endorsing it.

Dave Leduc And MFC Go Global

Talking to, Leduc had this to say:

“The first event is going to be at the end of October in Brezno, Slovakia. A good little town – so looking to do the face-offs in front of old Slovakian castles. We’re looking to cut the ribbon as there are a lot of neighbouring countries like KSW in Poland. There’s a big MMA scene in Europe. So I’m looking to invite a lot of friends and promoters and break bread …establish connections for sharing fighters. The goal with MFC is to have an event all around the world. Afterwards, we’re looking to go to Latin America.”

It would appear as though Marshall FC are looking to target the blossoming markets, as opposed to the already more well-established fight hub that is America. Dave Leduc went on to explain some of the things the coin has achieved for fighters so far.

“It really rose to prominence at UFC 272,’ said the Canadian. “It was funny because the person holding the mic was my friend Joe Rogan – so everybody was thanking his dog since the token is named after Marshall Rogan – his golden retriever. So everybody was like, what the f*** is happening? …They kept giving money to fighters, helping Kelvin Gastelum with his knee surgery, helping Ian Heinisch with stem cell surgery and now the next big step, MFC.”

With money going into the fighter’s pockets and a shiny new platform to explore, this can hopefully be another MMA staple promotion for years to come. With the volatility of the crypto markets though, could this all end up tragically?

What do you think of a crypto-based promotion?

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