Sunday, September 25, 2022

Masvidal Brings History & ‘Common Sense’ Into Title-Shot Case

Jorge Masvidal is hot on the path to land his third UFC welterweight title shot and is already using a variety of argumentative methods to make his case.

At UFC 278, the MMA world was knocked on his head via the calculated kick from Leon “Rocky” Edwards to now-former champion Kamaru Usman. Indeed, it was a Rocky Balboa moment through and through, with the underdog triumphing in a moment that is typically only found in film.

While the worldwide audience reacted with shock and praise, one particular viewer was already plotting how he can take centerstage of this story, that man being Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal

Of course, Masvidal and Edwards have a history dating back to the well-documented three-piece and a soda that was dished out by Gamebred in 2019. Edwards has wanted revenge ever since, but for one reason or another, the bout never materialized.

One reason the grudge match never took place is because of Masvidal’s fluctuating interest in fighting Edwards. Because of this, even UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier felt the need to advise Edwards to “big league” Masvidal and ignore any calls for a title shot.

This resulted in Masvidal firing shots at Cormier from his Twitter account, although Cormier believes they actually came from the #9-ranked welterweight’s manager, Malki Kawa.

Masvidal Makes Push For Third UFC Title Shot

After Masvidal (or Kawa, depending on whom you believe) finished blasting Cormier, he went on making the case for why a title shot against Edwards makes sense, despite already being 0-2 in relatively recent title shots and 0-3 in his last three fights.

“I remember a time when England had a champ that wanted a certain fight and he told the ufc what he wanted and made it happen. The newbies won’t know what I’m talking about but the real ones do.”

For all the “newbies” out there, Masvidal is referencing the first title defense of former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, which came against Dan Henderson at UFC 204 despite Henderson not being in title contention at the time.

Bisping wanted this bout as an opportunity to gain redemption for being knocked out by Henderson years prior. The Brit was successful, winning a tightly contested decision in what would be Henderson’s final career bout.

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

And if history doesn’t suit your fancy, how about a little bit of “common sense” offered by Masvidal via retweet?

“Masvidal is the biggest money fight Edward’s will get from fighting any of the top 5. To fight Usman again doesn’t make sense money wise as he may lose the rematch, Masvidal was right not to fight Leon back then, Leon wasn’t BMF status/more marketable than a Diaz fight.”

Despite Masvidal’s push, all signs point to Edwards vs. Usman 3, with the new champion targeting March or April 2023 in England for the date and location. As for Masvidal, he has been linked to a potential fight with Gilbert Burns but first must sort out his pending legal issues before he can put his full focus back to fighting, be it for a world title or otherwise.

Do you think Jorge Masvidal makes a strong case for a title shot against Leon Edwards?

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