Thursday, August 18, 2022

McCann: Pimblett & I Are Not Hype Trains

Next Generation MMA stars Molly McCann and Paddy Pimblett have firmly dismissed the “hype train” label that some have attached to them.

At UFC London this past weekend, Liverpool’s McCann and Pimblett once again took over England’s capital with a pair of electrifying moments inside The O2 arena.

On what had been somewhat of a lackluster card in terms of Octagon action prior to “Meatball” making the walk, the UK crowd received its first big moment of the night courtesy of another spinning back elbow and brutal finish from McCann.

Not one to be outdone by his longtime teammate and friend, Pimblett also matched his previous UFC London feat, submitting Jordan Leavitt in the second round and completing another memorable night for the two Liverpudlians.

While the pair have certainly captured the attention of the UK fanbase and a grown their support across the Atlantic, not everyone is convinced. Although their growing fame and local fanfare is undeniable, some have suggested that both McCann and Pimblett will falter once they reach tougher levels of competition in the UFC.

With that in mind, the common “hype train” narrative has been brought up multiple times, and it’s not a term that pleases “Meatball” Molly.

“I am not a hype train, and neither is he (Pimblett),” McCann said at the UFC London post-fight press conference. “We’re from hard-working cities, blue collar, working class, woke up every day since we’ve ever been alive to chase this dream from where we are from. We will fight anywhere, any place, any time, whoever f*cking wants it.

“You thought we were hype trains — every single person who weren’t us tonight done f*ck all. What did we do? Every single person stood there for us, sang for us, and we got two finishes,” McCann added. “It’s facts. What did we do tonight? Dana, what did we do, lad?”

Pimblett Shares McCann’s Sentiment

Responding in a similar fashion, Pimblett, a former featherweight champion under the Cage Warriors banner, suggested that he’s been branded a “hype train” ever since his days on the local scene in the UK.

With that in mind, he once again encouraged his detractors to keep on doubting him as he looks to continue proving them wrong on MMA’s biggest stage.

“The word ‘hype train’ does my head in, lad. Proper burns my cap out,” Pimblett said. “That hype train one does my head in. People have been calling me a hype train since I was 18, 19, lad, in Cage Warriors. Keep calling me a hype train all you want, lad.”

While the next steps for the two UK standouts are unclear, both are looking to make their way back to the cage by the end of the year, with both also highlighting a December pay-per-view appearance as a possibility.

What do you make of Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann? Are they “hype trains?”

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