Monday, October 3, 2022

McGregor Hypes Aldo and Roasts Khabib Ahead of UFC 278

At one point, Conor McGregor and José Aldo were the most bitter of rivals, but ahead of Aldo’s bout at UFC 278, the Irishman is showing his old foe some serious support.

If you were to look back at the year 2015, it would be impossible to imagine McGregor and Aldo ever showing respect for one another. After a long fight buildup, that saw “The Notorious” verbally berate the Brazilian through the entirety of a world tour, McGregor would upgrade his interim title to an undisputed after ending Aldo’s 18-fight unbeaten streak with a legendary 13-second knockout at UFC 194.

Conor McGregor Pays Respect To Jose Aldo

After seven years, and with both men leaving behind the featherweight division, it seems that Conor McGregor and José Aldo have buried the hatchet for good. There have been various moments of respect between each man in the time since their fateful meeting, and another opportunity presented itself ahead of Aldo’s fight with Merab Dvalishvili at UFC 278 this weekend.

Taking to Twitter, McGregor praised Aldo and wished him luck in his upcoming bout. Of course, he could not help himself from also taking jabs at his other iconic rival, former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“Aldo is such an incredible fighter! A real all timer! How’s that other fat smell bag doing? How is it that he never lost but he is still a loser hahaha smelly shit pant rat. Let’s go Aldo!” McGregor wrote. “A great fight with the little rocket level changer in Mirab. Can’t wait, I love fighting.”

It seems apparent that Conor McGregor is excited for UFC 278, as he should be, because outside the Aldo bout there is a fascinating welterweight title fight at the top of the bill. Regardless, it is nice to see him showing respect to a fellow former champion and legend of the sport in Aldo, even if they fought in the past.

Who do you think will win between José Aldo and Merab Dvalishvili?

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