Thursday, September 29, 2022

Watch: Mickey Gall Gets Twerked On By Stranger Mid-Interview

Apparently there are some perks to being Mickey Gall, and one of them may just be getting twerked on in the streets by a stranger.

Gall has made a name for himself in the UFC by famously being the man to welcome WWE superstar CM Punk to the Octagon, dispatching him within the first round. However, it is hard to grow up in the UFC, which is something that the BJJ black belt quickly discovered, going 4-5 since that contest.

Mickey Gall Gets Some Street Action

Regardless of his UFC record, Mickey Gall is still a relatively big personality in the sport, and was able to join MMA journalist The Schmo for a ONE Championship on Prime 1 watch party. After the fact, the two were stationed outside, discussing the fights when something outrageous happened.

The interview was wrapping up, and Gall was discussing his disappointment with the contents of a gift bag that was provided to him when he noticed a lady that was initially off camera. He pointed out that he had a video of her twerking from earlier in the night, and she came over and spoke to the camera, before twerking once more on Gall, who looked a little unsure of what to do.

It was pretty clear that the lady, who was egged on by her friend, was a little bit on the intoxicated side. That said, Gall handled it with about as much poise as one would expect to see out of an awkward situation like this: by enjoying the moment for what it was and wishing the ladies a good evening as they went on their way.

As far as his MMA career is concerned, Mickey Gall is on a two-fight skid and fought out his UFC contract in his last bout, a TKO defeat to Mike Malott at UFC 273. It will be interesting to see where he goes next.

Have you ever had a stranger twerk on you on a street corner?

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