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James Krause Assures Critics That MMA Coaches Know Their Athletes

Glory MMA & Fitness head coach and former UFC fighter James Krause wants fans to understand why some coaches take a heated approach to cornering.

Krause recently announced his career in fighting after a long tenure in the sport. He’s now turning his full attention to being a head coach for top UFC fighters such as Brandon Moreno and up-and-comers like flyweight Jeff Molina.

Krause has quickly become one of the top MMA coaches and is well-known for his exceptional cornering and ability to motivate. He’s often praised by UFC analysts like Laura Sanko for how he engages with his athletes.

Some coaches get criticized by UFC fans for at-times hostile verbiage while advising their fighters. One of the most notable examples is Jim West, who was blasted by some fans and pundits for being too harsh in between rounds during bantamweight Aspen Ladd’s fight against Norma Dumont last October.

While Krause acknowledges that some coaches may go too far, he feels that each fighter needs to be addressed in different fashions to motivate them towards success.

James Krause Sat Down With MMA News To Talk His MMA Retirement And Coaching

During an exclusive interview with MMA News, Krause gave his thoughts on armchair coaches who feel corners address their fighters in the wrong way.

“Whenever you’re coaching an athlete, typically that person knows them so well,” Krause said. “And this isn’t always the case, but I would say that 8 times out of 10, the coach knows what they’re doing. I will say this… there are some bad coaches. The guys that are in the game and that have been in the game, nobody’s bad, but there are some guys who have blatantly lost their athlete a fight.

“Maybe it’s their only athlete in the UFC…. so I think for the most part I would favor the coach. The coach knows their athletes, if you’re here anytime at all, you know your athlete… and I think if someone’s yelling at them, they know. There’s guys that you can’t just go in and [talk nice] to them because they’re not gonna get riled up. There’s guys you gotta scream at, but if you scream at a certain level they’ll break down.

“Does it always make it right? No… but I can tell you right now that the damn people sitting on their couch at home don’t know more than the coach usually.”

West apologized after Ladd’s fight for his aggressive approach to cornering her against Dumont. Ladd went on to lose via a unanimous decision.

As for Krause, he retires from fighting with wins over the likes of Warlley Alves and Claudio Silva. He left the Octagon with a 28-8 professional record.

Coaches, like fighters, aren’t immune to criticism for their efforts in and out of the cage. Despite this, Krause feels that fans and pundits need to educate themselves on why coaches sometimes take unorthodox approaches during fights.

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