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MMA Fighter Claiming To Be Charles Manson Relative Faces Estate Battle

A former professional MMA fighter who claims to be the grandson of Charles Manson has had his hopes of securing the killer’s inheritance dampened by the arrival of a new claimant.

Jason Freeman, who went by the moniker “Charlie Manson lll,” competed as an MMA pro between 2006 and 2011, amassing a 6-4 (1) record. The 45-year-old Bradenton, Florida native ended his career with a victory under the Strikeforce banner, stopping Jason Riley in one round on the undercard of Dan Henderson’s light heavyweight title fight against Rafael Calvacante.

Jason Freeman
Image Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog

After proclaiming himself the rightful heir to the estate of Manson, who passed away in 2017 having been in jail since being convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people in 1971, Freeman’s hopes became more concrete last month when a birth certificate appeared to prove his relation to the deceased criminal.

But while the former heavyweight fighter had looked to secure the inheritance at a Los Angeles-held court hearing last Friday having had his competition reduced to one other individual — Michael Channels, a former pen-pal of Manson who claims to possess the 1960’s cult leader’s will, which declares ownership to Manson’s possessions to him — things didn’t go to plan for “Charlie Manson lll.”

A New Contender Emerges In Fight For Manson’s Estate

While Freeman used to engage in battles within the steel surroundings of the cage, it appears that he’s set to continue one in court in the coming months following the arrival of yet another individual staking claim to Manson’s inheritance.

Per a report from the Daily Mail, 62-year-old Daniel Arguelles dashed the former MMA fighter’s hopes of securing Manson’s belongings and possibly lucrative music and artwork rights.

After a late court petition was filed on Thursday, Judge Ruben Garcia extended the hearing to October 20, meaning the battle for items and wealth left behind by Manson is set to continue.

By all accounts, the new contender came from nowhere, with the counsel to the temporary administrator of the Manson estate, Dale Kiken, noting that Arguelles’ name hadn’t come up in the five years that the debate over Manson’s estate has existed.

“This took me completely by surprise. I only learned about it an hour ago,” Alan Davis stated. “I have no idea who Daniel Arguelles is. I have never heard of him before and I have no clue as to what he bases this petition on. It’s a mystery.”

In court petition documents obtained by the Daily Mail, the claimant is quoted as saying, “There is clear and convincing evidence that he is the biological son” of Manson and is “entitled to an equal share” of Manson’s estate.

Arguelles (left in the image below) will now look to stifle Freeman’s (right in the image below) hopes of being declared the sole heir to Manson’s estate in the coming months.

David Arguelles, Jason Freeman
Image Credits: TNS & Andy Johnstone/Daily Mail

What do you make of the latest development in the battle for Manson’s estate?

All quotes h/t Daily Mail

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