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MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes Of The Week (8/14 – 8/20)

Welcome to this week’s edition of MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes of the week! Every week there’s highlight-reel finishes all across the MMA world, and we’ve found some of the absolute best ones to showcase.

This week’s list is a fairly diverse one that features some impressive submissions and a few particularly unique knockouts, plus the usual array of one-shot finishes as well. In addition to offerings from PFL, KSW, and the UFC, this week’s Top 10 also includes several highlights from the Russian regional scene and a particularly brutal finish out of Egypt.

#10: Bubba Jenkins Is Heading To The Finals

Bubba Jenkins didn’t bother trying to establish top control when he took Ryoji Kudo down in their featherweight contest in the PFL Playoffs.

Jenkins threw Kudo to the mat before immediately jumping on his back to sink in a rear-naked choke that the Japanese fighter had no chance of escaping from.

#9: Said Villanueva’s Surprise Tap

It’s not often you see a fighter tap to strikes, but it’s also not often you see the kind of punishment Said Villanueva was landing on Claudio Maestre at Naciones MMA 9.

With mount secured, Villanueva landed some brutal elbows that eventually forced Maestre to tap after trying to roll away.

#8: Anthony Drilich Puts The Lights Out

Anthony Drilich flashed some impressive power for a bantamweight in his bout at Eternal MMA 68 in Australia.

Facing Michael Barber, Drilich landed a left hand early in the first round that floored his countryman before throwing just a single follow-up punch on the ground.

#7: Nikita Podkovalnikov’s Calf Slicer

Nikita Podkovalnikov showed off his submission skills late in the first round against Everton Rodrigues at Open Fighting Championship 22.

With time winding down in the opening round and the lightweights in a scramble, Podkovalnikov managed to grab a calf slicer that quickly forced a tap from the Brazilian.

#6: Nazim Sadykohv Kicks Off Contender Series

Nazim Sadykohv opened last week’s Contender Series card with a devastating finish of Ahmad Suhail Hassanzada.

Sadykohv walked Hassanzada to the fence in the third round and landed a right hook to the body before throwing the same punch upstairs to put his opponent out against the cage.

#5: Nurtilek Jalynbekov Stretches It Out

Nurtilek Jalynbekov initially sat Esen Magomedov down with a punch at Open Fighting Championship 22 before staying patient to find a finish.

Jalynkebov jumped on Magomedov’s back and established control before grabbing a leg to secure a tight Suloev stretch.

#4: Ramazan Yuzasharov’s Perfect Uppercut

Ramazan Yuzyasharov spoiled Muslim Ibragimov’s undefeated record in their lightweight bout at ACA Young Eagles 28.

Yuzyasharov backed Ibragimov to the fence before landing a clean uppercut that probably didn’t even require the flurry of punches that followed.

#3: Bogdan Gnidko Makes KSW History

Bogdan Gnidko managed to make a bit of promotional history with his quick knockout of Damian Piwowarczyk at KSW 73.

The Ukrainian touched gloves before landing a right hand that dropped Piwowarczyk for the Polish promotion’s faster knockout ever.

#2: Ahmed Abdelaziz Fears No Submission

Having an active guard is a great skill in MMA, but Mostafa Halim may have felt a little too comfortable on his back against Ahmed Abdelaziz at Arabic Ultimate Fighting Championship 40 in Cairo.

Halim made several attempts to throw up his legs for submissions from the bottom, only for Abdelaziz to brutally slam him to the mat each time.

#1: Leon Edwards’ Amazing Comeback

Leon Edwards knew he needed a finish in the fifth round of his title fight at UFC 278, and “Rocky” pulled off the upset with no time to spare.

With less than a minute remaining, Edwards landed a head kick that dropped Kamaru Usman and crowned the 30-year-old as the UFC’s new welterweight champion.

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