Sunday, September 25, 2022

Nate Diaz’s Wife Gives Birth After Premature Labor

Over the weekend, Nate Diaz has become the father to a second child, according to his long-time coach and friend Cesar Gracie.

While known as one of the baddest fighters to ever step foot into the Octagon, Diaz keeps things close to the vest when it comes to his personal life and relationships.

Where some fighters embrace their family life and its connections to their careers, bringing their spouses and kids to fight week and into the cage, Stockton’s favorite younger brother keeps his family out of the spotlight, at least the ones that don’t also compete in the UFC.

A New Addition To The Family

That is why it may have come as a shock to some when Cesar Gracie, the long-time coach and friend to both Nick and Nate Diaz, revealed that the latter had another child on the way. Not only that, but Gracie told Submission Radio that Nate’s partner, Misty Brown went into premature labor just hours prior to their interview, giving birth to a baby girl.

“I was speaking to Nate yesterday, and he was supposed to come out on Monday night, and we were all gonna train at my gym in Pleasant Hills, Nick and Nate, and then Nate kind of canceled.

“What happened was, his wife went into premature labor, and so he had a baby yesterday was the thing, yesterday morning,” Gracie said. “He had just a beautiful baby girl. He sent me a picture and everything. I go ‘Okay you’re excused from training today.”

It is good to hear that Nate Diaz and Misty Brown had a healthy baby, especially given the premature circumstances of the birth. They have yet to make a public announcement about this themselves, but this is not surprising given how they like to keep things private.

How Many Kids Does Nate Diaz Have?

With the birth of his most recent daughter, Nate Diaz is now the father of two girls. The name of his youngest daughter has not yet been made public at the time of publishing, but his oldest child is named Nikayla Diaz, and was born on June 6th, 2018.

With Diaz preparing for what appears to be his final UFC fight against Khamzat Chimaev, some may worry if this will disrupt his focus for training. However, the last time he was asked about the effects of parenthood, he made it clear that this was nothing new to him, as he had been a father for years before his first daughter was born.

Nate Diaz will return to the Octagon one last time on September 10th, when he takes on rising hot prospect Khamzat Chimaev. This bout will headline UFC 279, set to go down live in Las Vegas.
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