Monday, October 3, 2022

Nina Nunes Shares Which Amanda Nunes Trilogy She Prefers

Amanda Nunes has a few options in front of her, but her spouse Nina Nunes has a preference.

Amanda Nunes is on many people’s all-time great list. She is the champion of the bantamweight and featherweight divisions and has beaten some of the best fighters ever.

Last year, Nunes lost her title to Julianna Peña but was able to regain it at UFC 277. With Peña being the only fighter to have beaten Nunes in recent years, a possible trilogy fight has been brought up in conversations. However, if the choice were up to Nunes’ wife, Nina, she would choose a different opponent for the champ’s next fight.

“Personally, there are girls that are coming up out 35 however, I would like to see her verse Valentina [Shevchenko] for a third time, so it could be silenced,” Nunes said at UFC San Diego media day. “Amanda is in a different place right now. You know, she’s very comfortable, but it has to be the right conditions. It just has to make sense. So that’s what I would like to see.”

nina ansaroff amanda nunes
Nina Ansaroff and Amanda Nunes Credit: Nina Ansaroff/Instagram

Nina Nunes Would Like Amanda Nunes To Erase All Doubt

Amanda Nunes fought Shevchenko back in 2016 and 2017 before she became the flyweight champ. There has been talk of a possible third fight between these two if Shevchenko decides to make a move back up to 135 pounds. Nina Nunes would be very interested in shutting down all the talk and speculations coming from Shevchenko and her team.

“She said, ‘yea, I think I won the last one,’ well, you have to definitively beat the champ. I thought Amanda won that fight,” She said. “I watched again I thought she still won it, the first one wasn’t even close. Amanda killed her the first two rounds and then the third round she kind of got a little lackadaisical because she knew she won the first two so she clearly won the first fight.

“They’re trying to say both fights (were controversial). No, the first one Amanda clearly won; the second okay, it could have been close but in the end, Amanda won. Should there be a third one so Amanda can do what she just did when there was another controversial win? I think I would like to see it.”

Amanda Nunes is fresh off her victory over Peña so she may not be back in the cage anytime soon and also has the option of returning to featherweight to defend that title for the first time in over a year, although possible opponents at 145 pounds are slim.

As for Nina Nunes, she has her next bout right in front of her when she takes on Cynthia Calvillo at UFC San Diego this weekend.

Who would you like to see Amanda Nunes face next?

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