Saturday, December 3, 2022

Sean O’Malley Names Exact Move He’ll Use To Finish Petr Yan

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley has predicted which move he’ll use to knock Petr Yan unconscious at UFC 280 in October.

Having rapidly rose to stardom outside the Octagon through podcast appearances, merchandise, streaming, and other ventures, O’Malley is beginning to realize a similar surge inside the cage, where he’s set for his stiffest test to date later this year.

“Sugar” faced a ranked opponent for the first time in July, with an accidental eye poke on his opponent Pedro Munhoz brining their UFC 276 collision to anticlimactic conclusion. But despite that result, which ensured that O’Malley remained outside the 135-pound top 10, the Montana native has booked a date with a former interim and undisputed champion.

At the Abu-Dhabi held pay-per-view on October 22, O’Malley will face #1-ranked bantamweight Yan, who most recently fell to defeat against titleholder Aljamain Sterling.

Despite the sizeable task ahead of him, which some have completely dismissed his chances of completing, O’Malley’s confidence hasn’t waned since the fight was announced.

In fact, he’s insisted that he’ll become the first man to knock the Russian out, and h’s even got the fight-ending move in mind.

O’Malley Has Sights Set On Spinning Highlight-Reel Finish

During an episode of the TimboSugarShow, O’Malley recalled the time he recently spent throwing multiple spinning heel kicks.

“Sugar” noted that rather than drilling the move, he was simply high and trying to time it with the lightning of the storm that was happening. Nevertheless, it seemingly provided a lightbulb moment for the #13-ranked contender, as he named the move as the one which he’ll likely use to stop Yan at UFC 280.

“Yesterday there was a sweet lightning storm, or two days ago; super sweet lightning storm. And I was trying to spinning heel kick Bob (Menery),” O’Malley said. “So I was having Danny (Gonzalez) record it from the stairs, and I was trying to time it with he lightning, but I couldn’t obviously… I threw probably 100 f*cking spinning back kicks to Bob, and I was throwing them hard and accurate.

“I was high, just f*cking spinning, trying to get the perfect lightning (shot). Didn’t end up getting it, but dude, I threw so many f*cking spinning back kicks to Bob. That’s probably how I’ll knock out Petr, is what I meant (to say).”

Yan is yet to be stopped in 19 professional fights, securing seven KOs and one submission among his wins, whilst seeing zeros in both red stoppage columns.

Having maintained that stat against the likes of José Aldo, Cory Sandhagen, and Sterling, “No Mercy” will no doubt be confident in his ability to withstand O’Malley’s shots come fight night in Abu Dhabi.

Does Sean O’Malley have what it takes to finish Petr Yan at UFC 280?