Sunday, October 2, 2022

Paulo Costa Trolls Luke Rockhold With Post-Fight Selfie

Just because Paulo Costa and Luke Rockhold showed each other respect after their fight does not mean the Brazilian is against a little friendly trolling.

In what apparently ended up being the final fight of his career, Rockhold put it all on the line in his fight with Costa, at UFC 278, screaming profanities at him and rubbing his blood on Costa’s face. Despite that, “Borrachina” still got the nod on the judges’ scorecards, getting the better of the wild brawl that saw both men hurting and exhausted in the high-altitude environment.

Paulo Costa Takes Unique Post-Fight Selfie

A staple of most wild, back and forth brawls in the UFC, especially when the two fighters show respect to one another, are the customary post-fight selfies that show the toll that these brutal fights have taken on each combatant.

However, it turns out that Paulo Costa was not able to get one with Luke Rockhold, and it seems that he was a bit disappointed about that.

Taking to his Twitter account, Costa decided to improvise and find a way to get the post-fight selfie with Rockhold that he was looking for. The only problem with that, is the fact that he is taking this picture in front of a TV with his fight on, with Rockhold giving his retirement speech to Joe Rogan.

This was a hilarious way for Costa to troll Rockhold after the two of them put on the fight of the night at UFC 278, a card that ended with one of the biggest comebacks of all time. The evidence of how good that fight was is written in the fabric of the cast that “Borrachinha” has on his hand, which was clearly injured in the war.

Where does this picture fit in with the rest of the post-fight photos taken by fighters?

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