Monday, October 3, 2022

Paulo Costa Takes Pop Quiz to Prove Twitter Authenticity

UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa has further looked to dismiss speculation that his tweets derive from the mind of someone else.

In quite the turn of events, Costa has developed from a relatively low-key knockout artist inside the Octagon to an entertaining and bizarre figure on social media in recent months and years.

Given the surprising adjustment, many have questioned whether the Brazilian’s posts, which include memes and pictures of other fighters, are actually uploaded by him. At UFC 278 media day last week, Costa dismissed speculation that another individual is behind the creative uploads.

And having swapped the phone for the gloves this past weekend in Utah, where he returned to the win column with a decision victory over former champion Luke Rockhold, the victorious #6-ranked middleweight made an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

As well as talk of his win, Costa answered questions about some of his more colorful tweets, explaining what went through his head at the time of their respective postings — perhaps ending the debate over who controls his social media.

The first tweet that his attention was brought to showed Michael Bisping, portrayed as a knight, holding off Costa’s former manager Wallid Ismail and flyweight king Deiveson Figueiredo, who were shown as a wizard and ogre, respectively.

While he admitted that he didn’t make this particular meme, Costa explained why it caught his eye and made him produce the caption.

“(LAUGHS) Because, you know, I saw the memes, the pictures, and after that, I thought something about. And when I saw this, this look like a crazy dream,” Costa said. “When you drink a lot of you eat a lot… this is amazing, a knight, a wizard… No (I didn’t make it), just the post. I don’t have time enough to make these.”

The next post depicted Costa sat against a cage wall in camp, but with curly hair and a sizeable weight gain.

After noting that he did produce this altered image, Costa explained that the creation looked similar to the father of one of his friends, which convinced him to post it online.

“This I did,” Costa admitted whilst laughing. “When this photo was took for me during my training camp, I download the face app on my phone, and I was just trying to make me look better, but I saw a lot of different tools that the amazing face app has, and I start (playing with that).

“I make me fat, and I put this hair, and this look too much with my father’s friend. I have one friend… his father looks like this guy. So I make this and send to him, saying ‘Man, I have to post this,'” Costa added.

Next, Helwani directed Costa’s gaze to a tweet that saw him call for the Canadian reporter and UFC fighter Darren Till to fight.

Explaining that post, “Borrachinha” suggested that he’d back Helwani against the Liverpudlian inside the Octagon.

“I think it’s a good matchup. I will believe in your skills. It’s a good matchup. I like his hook,” Costa said after Helwani displayed some shadow boxing.

In another upload, Costa was placed in a still from a scene in the Forest Gump movie, with main character Gump on one side of him and a crying woman on the other.

Costa described the deeper meaning behind this post.

“Because my history is upset. Because I passed through very bad things. But I turn on and I make my rise again. That’s why she get very emotional.”

Lastly, Costa explained a post that included the caption, “Secret Juice make you chad,” alongside a picture of himself in the gym.

Following some comments about the legitimate help that he gains from the “secret juice,” Costa admitted that he doesn’t know the internet meaning behind the name Chad, but simply attached it to the post having seen people comment it under his uploads.

“Secret juice, you know, the people think it’s just a joke, but nah, I really drink this and it helps me a lot… If I tell you (what’s in it), it will not be a secret, it will be revealing juice,” Costa said, before addressing the name Chad. “I don’t know, the people start to call me Chad. He’s a nice guy, I think.”

Helwani Answers Costa’s ‘Sexual Attraction’ Question

While most would perhaps put the phone down during fight weeks as they prepare to go to battle inside the Octagon, Costa is not “most.”

Following the ceremonial weigh-ins on Friday, Costa used his adrenaline from the face-off to pose an important question when Sean O’Malley asked fans if they had any queries for Helwani prior to a podcast appearance — ‘Who’s more sexually attractive, me or Rockhold?’

When asked about it during his interview with Helwani, Costa played up to the ‘model vs. model’ narrative that was at play prior to the UFC 278 co-main event, and took the opportunity to reiterate the question in-person.

“Yes, I did this. Because I didn’t know I was here with you Ariel, so now I have the possibility to ask you myself,” Costa said. “Please, tell me from the bottom of your heart, who is more attractive? Who got the BLF belt from the UFC, best looking guy? … me or Luke?”

Giving the answer that Costa was looking for, Helwani awarded the “BLF” title to the Brazilian.

“It’s a tough question… I said before that this is the best looking fight in UFC history. Two models going toe-to-toe,” Helwani said. “You did something with the hair, right? … It’s good, it’s looking nice. It worked… I have to say, because you’re here in front of me, also because you won, I will give the belt to you, Paulo Costa.”

Having cleared up some of the speculation about his Twitter antics, it stands to reason that there’s plenty more memes and strange posts to come from the account of “Borrachinha.”

What do you make of Paulo Costa’s presence on Twitter?

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