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Procházka Recalls Being Stranded At Sea During Title Celebrations

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jiří Procházka ran into some trouble at sea whilst out celebrating his UFC 275 title win with friends.

At June’s Singapore-held pay-per-view, Procházka played his part in what will no doubt go down as one of the greatest title fights in UFC history. Against Glover Teixeira, “Denisa” left his all in the cage, snatching a last-gasp submission victory as he approached a certain decision defeat.

Having dethroned his Brazilian counterpart and cemented his place in the history books as the first Czech champion on MMA’s biggest stage, it was time to wind down and party. But on a scale of 1-10 when it comes to relaxation, being stranded at sea has to lean towards the lower end of the spectrum…

During his appearance at the UFC 275 post-fight press conference, the newly crowned champ made his celebratory plans clear for the coming weeks.

“I’m conferring with my friends. We want to take a boat, some ship, and to celebrate it somewhere on the sea and just enjoy the time.”

For the past few weeks, Procházka finally hit the seas, with the UFC star posting a number of pictures on social media.

But it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

During an interview with Daily Star Sport, Procházka recalled the moment when he and his friends were left on the vessel as its engine stopped. In a scene out of just about every ocean-based horror film, there was a storm coming and the sun was going down.

“It was a weird situation because our engine on the boat stopped,” Procházka said. “There was a storm which came to us and the sea was full of big waves. It was also nighttime and totally black…. It was a little bit of a dangerous situation and we had to use the wind as our engine to sail somewhere safe.”

But while Procházka bore the ‘no worries, it’s all good, crack open a beer and let the wind take us’ figure, it appears that those accompanying him on the boat were saying their prayers and preparing to swim with the sharks…

Procházka’s Friends Were More Concerned…

In an interview with local publication Sport, one of Procházka’s friends, Matej Kretik, told his version of events. While the MMA star seemed calm about the situation, it doesn’t appear like the same could be said for the others onboard.

“Suddenly, you find yourself on a ship that does terrible, strange things. She was tilting terribly, water was splashing everywhere,” Kretik said. “We were afraid all the time that the wind would blow the boat onto the reef and break it to pieces. We simply expected the worst.”

We’ve seen fighters lose their titles in weird ways in recent times — from Charles Oliveira missing weight to Rose Namajunas, well… not doing anything — but lost at sea whilst celebrating winning said title would have been quite the way to end a short reign.

Having made it back to land, Procházka has lived to fight another day — literally.

The Czech star will now turn his attention towards his first title defense. Whilst he released a video calling for Teixeira to be given an immediate rematch, a blockbuster all-European showdown with Jan Blachowicz still looms close by, as does the recently victorious Magomed Ankalaev.

Who should Jiří Procházka’s first title defense come against?

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