Monday, October 3, 2022

Racist Gets Instant Karma For Attacking Black MMA Fighter

A Florida man was given a nasty surprise after attempting to run a Black MMA fighter off the road in a racially motivated attack.

Jordan Patrick Leahy, 29, pulled alongside the victim, his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter in Seminole, Florida last August, yelling racial slurs and making shooting gestures. After attempting to run the victim off the road, Leahy aggressively tailgated him for nearly a mile and a half, before side-swiping his vehicle and fleeing the scene.

The victim, identified only as J.T., was however intent on getting the license plate of his assailant’s car and eventually caught up to Leahy at a red light. Leahy then “got out of his car, stormed at J.T., and tried to assault him, again yelling racial slur,” court documents reveal.

Jordan Patrick Leahy
PHOTO: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Leahy Bites Off More Than He Can Chew With MMA Fighter

Little did Leahy know, however, that J.T. is a mixed martial artist. Court documents reveal that J.T got out of his car and approached Leahy, who then said something to the effect of, “Fuck you, [n-word].”

Leahy then attempted to strike J.T. with a close fist, but the trained MMA fighter easily slipped the blow and punched Leahy twice. J.T. then swiftly placed Leahy in a chokehold until he briefly passed out, before restraining him until police arrived.

You’d think that after being choked out so effortlessly, Leahy would perhaps keep his bigoted views to himself. But when the cops arrived, he began spouting a number of anti-Black statements, including that Black people need to be kept “in their areas.”

Earlier this month, Leahy was convicted of a hate crime by a federal jury in Tampa. He now faces a sentence of up 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000.

The US Justice Department said that the verdict “should send a strong message” to those who want to “use violence to enforce heinous racist beliefs.”

“No one should be targeted, threatened, intimidated or assaulted because of their race,” said U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg. “The defendant in this case acted upon his bigoted beliefs and put an entire family and others’ safety at risk. We and our local, state and federal law enforcement partners will not tolerate such behaviors in our community.”

What’s your thoughts on this racist attacker receiving instant karma via trained MMA fighter?

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