Sunday, October 2, 2022

Rashad Evans Explains Why Watching Usman’s KO Was ‘Traumatic’

Rashad Evans is recalling his experience seeing Kamaru Usman get knocked out at UFC 278.

Rashad Evans was in a bad spot during the UFC 278 main event. He was cageside to watch his friend Kamaru Usman defend his title but instead had a front-row seat to his knockout. Usman was hit with a perfect head kick in the final seconds of his main event title match against Leon Edwards.

The now former champion was laid flat on the canvas of the Octagon while the world looked on to see Edwards celebrating his new title. Cageside sat Usman’s friends and family, including Evans and Usman’s young daughter.

Some UFC Fighter Believe That The Children Of Fighters Should Not Be In Attendance

The UFC cameras caught a glimpse of Usman’s daughter sobbing at the sight of her father being knocked out and many people have expressed concern over that. Some other fighters have spoken out about why they believe children should not be in attendance at these fights. Evans who was sitting right there has his own thoughts on the matter.

“Just being there was unbelievable, because I’m sitting right next to his family, and his daughter’s right next to me,” Evans said in an interview with Morning Kombat h/t MMA Junkie. “When that whole thing happens, you just hear this scream, and it was just kind of very traumatic. For me, being like a brother to Kamaru, just watching him go down like that, it just made me real sick.”

Evans and Usman have had a friendly relationship for many years. Evans has been a coach and mentor to Usman beginning in the early days of his career. The two became close with members of the “Blackzilians” before Usman was even on The Ultimate Fighter. Usman has mentioned in the past that he tried to emulate Evans in his own career. As a former champion himself, Evans knows just how difficult it is to stay on top.

“I didn’t think he was gonna lose, but sometimes you have – like when your friend or your family is fighting – you have an uneasy feeling,” Evans said. “And I had an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t shake. When that kick happened, those worst feelings, those worst things, those worst thoughts were just realized in an instant. It was devastating.”

Usman is already planning his comeback and wants a rematch with Leon Edwards in England.

Do you think children should be brought to watch their family fight?

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