Thursday, October 6, 2022

Rockhold Outlines Next Step: ‘Teaching People To Not Be P*ssies’

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has an unconventional post-MMA goal in mind following his retirement from the sport.

At UFC 278, Rockhold made a return that had been a long time coming. After three knockout losses in four fights, the last of which saw him brutally dispatched at light heavyweight by Jan Blachowicz, the former Strikeforce titleholder made his way back to the Octagon after a turbulent three years away.

While he ultimately left Salt Lake City with another defeat added to his record having fallen on the wrong end of a decision verdict in the pay-per-view’s co-main event, the Californian certainly exited with the respect of the masses for his display of heart and grit.

In an emotional post-fight interview, Rockhold confirmed that his three-round Fight of the Night with Paulo Costa was to be his last stand. And during an appearance on The MMA Hour this week, the 37-year-old reiterated his retirement.

“I see that as my end of fighting, yes… There’s other worlds to conquer, there’s more things to do,” Rockhold said. “I’m excited to go on to the next journey, the next step.”

What is that next step? Well, some people target coaching, others explore commentary and analysis — for Rockhold, teaching people not to be “p*ssies” will do the trick.

“I’m gonna teach people how to not be such “p*ssies,” Rockhold exclaimed.

Rockhold Looks To “Correct The World”

After colorfully summing up his plans in one sentence, Rockhold expanded on what it means, noting his desire to spread knowledge about health and wellbeing.

According to the former champion, people have “lost touch” with the natural stresses of life, and he aims to bring “balance” back to society.

“Just about health, health and wellness,” Rockhold said. “I think I’ve navigated an avenue about health and wellness, corrective movements and corrective patterns of life, and the stresses that we all lose touch with. I think everyone has lost touch with the natural stresses of life and the right of passage into adulthood. It gives relevance and balance.

“Mental health is so big these days because everyone’s lost touch with the natural processes of life. Everything, technology and social media, everyone’s hiding behind this fake facade. It’s about building a place to correct the world and to help the world get back in touch with the stresses of life, those passages, and that balance,” Rockhold added. “It creates a stronger culture of people.”

These comments perhaps steer back to remarks Rockhold has previously made about the world becoming “too soft,” as well as his criticism of the UFC’s partnership with the Nelk Boys, who he branded “degenerates.”

If we truly have seen the last of Rockhold inside the cage, as seems to be the case, the Californian certainly provided some memorable moments in his farewell and added a chapter to his career worthy of ending the story.

What do you make of Luke Rockhold’s post-MMA plans?

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