Monday, October 3, 2022

Alberto El Patrón Files Lawsuit Against Combate Global

Professional wrestler and MMA fighter Alberto Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit against Combate Global claiming he’s owed money from a 2019 bout for the promotion.

Known under the monikers Alberto Del Rio and Alberto El Patrón during his successful career as a pro wrestler, Rodriguez has also periodically competed in MMA dating back to 2001. The 45-year-old last fought when he headlined Combate 51 against former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

The event billed as “Tito vs. Alberto” was the then-named Combat Americas’ first and so-far only PPV event. Rodriguez lost the fight via first-round submission, but now alleges that he wasn’t paid his contracted amount for the event.

After the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York indicated in July that Rodriguez’s proposed lawsuit could move forward, “Dos Caras Jr.” formally filed an amended lawsuit on August 9.

The initial delay was caused by the court ruling that the promotion’s parent company Combate Global Holdco, Inc. would be removed from the lawsuit and Combate Global LLC would remain as the only defendant.

Combate Denies Breach Of Contract

According to the report from PWInsider, Rodriguez alleges that the MMA promotion owes him $250,000 from the PPV event and has demanded $26,250 in interest for alleged breach of contract, plus related legal fees. Additionally, the 45-year-old claims that Combate failed to return his social media accounts after they were used to help promote the event.

While the focus of Rodriguez’s claim is his bout with Ortiz, the original lawsuit also references a 2016 contract with the company for a variety of commentary and ambassador roles.

After an initial 8-month extension where the lawsuit notes Rodriguez “performed all duties and services; and defendants did not complain about the quality of those duties and services,” the deal was terminated in July 2017.

Rodriguez (left) ended up losing to Tito Ortiz by first-round submission at Combate 51. (Combate)

Rodriguez alleges that the agreement to fight Ortiz was an extension of his original deal with the promotion. Combate have subsequently denied this claim and also maintained that the 45-year-old has been paid the money he was contractually obligated to receive.

Should a settlement between the two parties not be reached, the case will appear in court before a jury sometime next year.

Combate Global has promoted nearly 50 events since rebranding from Combate Americas in 2021. While the promotion may lack major stars, highlights from the events regularly appear on the MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes of the Week.

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