Sunday, October 2, 2022

“Some Truth” To Conor McGregor Rules Statement Says Herb Dean

Conor McGregor recently gave his thoughts on long-winded clinch exchanges, and referee Herb Dean says he isn’t completely wrong.

The Irish MMA competitor gave his thoughts during the UFC 278 event on grappling-based activity, namely the Aldo vs Dvalishvili contest.

From McGregor’s Twitter:

“Leaned his way to victory. Refs need to separate stale positions quicker. Especially if happening repeatedly. Earlier each time. It’s fighting guys! Not saying anything about Mirab he did what he had to / won the match. The ref should separate tho to potentially get a real finish.”

“The Notorious” was also quick to state that he did not believe the problem to be Merab Dvalishvili or his style, but rather the refereeing style. McGregor has expected a big showing from his opponent, and former foe Jose Aldo, and clearly believes the refereeing did him no favours.

Herb Dean Gives His Thoughts On Conor McGregor

When UFC refereeing legend Herb Deen was asked to comment on Conor McGregor’s point, he has this to say to Helen Yee:

“Well you know, this sport is evolving, and officiating is evolving too, so that’s not something we ignore and say, hey, you know, we are not gonna look at that. Each position and each situation is different though, so sometimes you cannot just make a blanket statement.”

Dean was more than happy to admit the room for growth in MMA refereeing is still there.

“There is a lot, there is some truth to look at in what he is saying, especially if it is happening again and you see no direction in it. Also, if you separate them and maybe there isn’t too much punching or striking, and maybe the grappling is somewhere this match may be decided.”

“It is something that we all want to look at but at the same time, it isn’t something that individuals should just jump out and change on their own. I think to have a consistent sport the officiating should always be communicated with everyone involved. To try and be on the same page as much as we can. So, we would think about moving forward on that, and how we could make it uniform, not just how to make it quicker.”

Do you agree with McGregor on this one?

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