Monday, August 15, 2022

Sonnen Claims Rahman Jr. Has “Blown His Entire Career”

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen has provided a damning assessment of Hasim Rahman Jr.’s conduct and future following the cancelation of his bout against Jake Paul.

This past weekend, Paul’s scheduled August 6 appearance once again ran into problems. And this time, it was enough to cause the entire event to be called off. Having pushed past another withdrawal from UK rival Tommy Fury, the YouTuber-turned-boxer looked to past sparring partner Rahman Jr. to save the day.

While the heavyweight obliged, the month of July was filled with accusations on both sides, from Paul suggesting Rahman Jr. attempted to re-negotiate after signing on to the 31-year-old slamming the discourse with Paul’s team prior to being offered the short-notice bout, as well as a revelation surrounding hefty fines that Rahman Jr. would incur with a weight miss.

With that, it was perhaps looking like fans wouldn’t be set for a smooth fight week. That quickly came to fruition on Saturday when Paul’s promotion announced that Rahman Jr. would not be able to make the original 200-pound limit or a 205-pound switch. When the heavyweight requested a 215-pound limit, Paul’s team called the event off.

Unsurprisingly, the aftermath has seen both men sharing their sides of the story. It’s clear which of the two former two-division UFC title challenger Sonnen is backing.

Sonnen Tells Rahman Jr. To Say Goodbye To Big Paydays

During a video recently uploaded to his YouTube channel, Sonnen accused Rahman Jr. of planning a “dirty move,” predicting that the Baltimore native would deliberately miss weight and accept the fines, only to refuse to enter the ring on fight night unless granted the full purse.

Having come to that conclusion, “The American Gangster” assessed what this late cancelation means for the boxing future of Rahman Jr., and he gave a less than positive take on it.

According to Sonnen, Rahman Jr. has “blown his entire career” by pulling a stunt that will put other promoters and businessmen off working with him down the line.

“It was a whole team effort. The whole team thought that this was a good idea. The whole team knew New York (commission) was coming in. The whole team knows however they were gonna shake this down and what they were gonna do to Paul at the last minute,” Sonnen said. “If that team thinks that somehow you can put a Band-Aid on this, and that a millior-dollar payday is going to be out there, they’re wrong.

“There’s not a promoter out there or an honest businessman at any level that’s ever going to get into bed with you again. Your days of main events are done…. No one’s going to do business with someone that pulls that. Doesn’t matter if you pull it on their competition. You go double cross Coca-Cola, PepsiCo doesn’t sign you,” Sonnen continued. “So Rahman Jr., who has a financial obligation, at a minimum to himself… has blown his entire career. He has blown his entire reputation,” Sonnen concluded.

Since news of the fight cancelation broke, Rahman Jr. has frequently reiterated that the plug was not pulled from his side.

But Paul has now looked to expose claims that his opponent was given an unreasonable task to accomplish, releasing a weight-check video from July 7 that shows Rahman Jr. at 216 pounds, suggesting that the heavyweight has lost less than a pound in the past four weeks.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen? Has Hasim Rahman Jr. “blown” his career?

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