Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Watch: Sterling, UFC Fighters Speak To New England Patriots

Nothing speaks to how mainstream the UFC has become quite like seeing Aljamain Sterling, Forrest Griffin, Claudia Gadelha, and Ilir Latifi speaking to six-time Superbowl winning NFL team the New England Patriots.

The UFC has made a massive impact in mainstream culture since the ESPN deal, especially after being the only sport running during the height of the pandemic. As a result, knowledge and respect for mixed martial arts and what fighters go through has increased dramatically among the general public.

UFC Vets Inspire New England Patriots

This wider mainstream appeal was apparent once again recently, when Dana White, UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, former light heavyweight champ and Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin, long-time UFC vet Ilir Latifi, and strawweight title challenger Claudia Gadelha got to speak to one of the biggest teams in NFL history, the New England Patriots. This was seen with a recent behind-the-scenes video that Sterling uploaded to his YouTube channel.

The video starts with White introducing a video package that recaps the insane comeback that Leon Edwards scored over Kamaru Usman at UFC 278, before Griffin introduces himself and the other fighters.

In this particular video, we can see Sterling addressing the team and talking about the experience of going out to a fight with the crowd against him, the feelings of being willing to sacrifice it all to win and motivating the Patriots.

“You’re here for a reason,” Sterling told the New England Patriots. “So you’ve got to believe that shit. Anytime you step on that field, you’ve got to be like ‘It’s go time, baby. It’s game time. Let’s go out there and get money.’ And that’s really it.”

Aljamain Sterling Cuts How Much?

One of the questions that was asked by a member of the New England Patriots involved the toughest fight that Aljamain Sterling has had, to which he responded by noting his Pedro Munhoz bout. Then, he got on the subject of weight cutting and revealed the absurd amount of weight he cuts to make it to the 135lb division with which he reigns as champion.

“I cut a lot of weight. I typically walk around about 168-170 pounds. I fight at 135,” Sterling said, causing a reaction from the Patriots. “It’s not a fun process, but you figure out ways to do it. I’ve been wrestling since tenth grade in high school, I wrestled in college, in New York. So you learn what kind of works, and what doesn’t.”

This was a cool experience for Aljamain Sterling and the rest of the UFC fighters who got to speak to the New England Patriots. There is certainly a lot of knowledge that was shared between these elite level athletes.

What do you think about this weight cutting revelation by Aljamain Sterling?

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