Monday, October 3, 2022

Swastika-Tattooed MMA Fighter Threatened To Burn Wife Alive

An MMA fighter who doused his wife in petrol and threatened to burn her alive has been sentenced to just three years in jail.

On October 26 last year, two children, aged one and three, were present in a West Australian household as their father launched a horrific assault on their mother. The Bunbury District Court heard that the attacker, mixed martial artist John Matthew Darch — who sports a Swastika tattoo on his chest — reacted angrily when his wife refused to go to bed.

The incident occurred while the pair were drinking by a fire outside their residence. After his demands were dismissed, Darch kicked, punched, and slapped his wife whilst she was on the ground.

Having retrieved a jerry can, the MMA fighter poured around five liters of petrol onto her as she laid dangerously close to the flames. At the same time as threatening to burn her alive, Darch was heard by neighbors branding the helpless victim a “crappy mother.”

John Darch
Image: @John.Darch.71 on Facebook

Despite the sickening attack, Darch was sentenced to only three years behind bars, and could be released on parole as early as next year.

Lawyer Claims MMA Fighter Was On “Mind-Altering” Medication

After a family violence restraining order was imposed, Darch’s wife divorced him. Because of the attack, she is reported to have suffered from depression and sleep deprivation, with the smell of petrol also becoming a trigger. But despite the near-fatal attack on her, the MMA fighter could be back on the streets in 2023.

In court, Darch’s lawyer insisted that his client’s actions were the result of “mind-altering” psychotropic medication that was being taken for his mental health problems, with simultaneous drinking leading to the “rage.”

During the sentencing, Judge David MacLean noted that Darch has permanently “destroyed” his family through the “reckless disregard” he showed for the safety of his wife and two children.

“Through your selfishness and rage against your former partner, you’ve destroyed your family. Although you were not charged with offenses against your children … you’ve taken away the opportunity in these very important years of having any meaningful relationship with you.

“You don’t need to be a medical practitioner to understand that you do not mix the psychotropic medication with alcohol and you certainly don’t get intoxicated. It demonstrates a reckless disregard for the combination of those two dangerous substances, even though it’s prescribed. It’s not a toy. It’s not a treat. It’s something which if not taken properly is dangerous.” (h/t MEAWW)

What do you make of the three-year sentence given to the MMA fighter?

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