Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Teenage Boxer Dies After Outdoor Sparring Session

An undefeated teenage boxer has died after an outdoor sparring session in Nigeria where he was knocked down twice.

Footage from a recent sparring session in Lagos, Nigeria showed 18-year-old Miracle Amaeze take a considerable number of punches and suffer two knockdowns before collapsing to the ground. After being taken to the hospital, the teenage boxer was confirmed dead the evening of July 23.

Considered an up-and-coming light heavyweight in Nigeria, Amaeze had just improved his record to 2-0 on July 1 with a win via first-round knockout.

The news of the teenage boxer’s death was shared on social media by the boxing organization Monarch Promotions.

“With heavy and sorrowful hearts, we are very sad to announce the untimely passing of our Young Champion Miracle Amaeze, although you have gone too soon, your legacy remains in our hearts. May God accept you and keep you till we meet again. Forever in our hearts Young Champ”

Sparring Session Conducted Outdoors

The footage of the sparring session shows Amaeze and an unidentified opponent fighting outside with a small group of people gathered around. The “ring” for the bout appears to be a number of small cones that have been arranged around the premises.

Early in the video, Amaeze is knocked down by a left hand that causes him to awkwardly fall backwards. The light heavyweight is given a 10-count by an individual apparently acting as referee before the session continues.

Amaeze had improved his boxing record to 2-0 shortly before his death. (Monarch Promotions)

The teenage boxer doesn’t appear to fully have his wits about him after the restart before immediately eating a few more big punches. Amaeze then ends up falling forward onto his opponent’s hips, which results in another 10-count from the referee.

The session ends when another series of punches forces Amaeze outside of the cones, after which the light heavyweight takes a few unsteady steps before collapsing.

Sadly, Ameaze’s death is not the only recent tragedy in the world of combat sports.

Earlier this month, Nikhil Suresh died following a knockout loss at a kickboxing event in India. In June, the death of South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi made headlines after the alarming final moments of his last fight went viral.

What’s your reaction to this news about a teenage boxer dying after engaging in an outdoor sparring session?

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