Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tuivasa Makes Vow Regarding Potential Fight With Jon Jones

Tai Tuivasa has made a vow regarding a potential superfight with Jon Jones ahead of his main event bout against Ciryl Gane this weekend.

Appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the Western Syndey native filled us in on his beef with Jon Jones. The two had an altercation on Instagram, with “Bam Bam” sharing DMs between the two.

The screenshots showed Jones seemingly brush off Tuivasa’s offer of a warm-up for “Bones”, who has been out of action for two years, and rebuke Tuivasa’s offer of a case of beer. The second photo in the post showed that Jones had blocked Tuivasa following the exchange.

Tuivasa Makes Vow: If I Dink Him, I Sink Him

Tuivasa elaborated on the exchange, telling Helwani that Jones initiated the exchange:

“I said I’d fight him. And he said ‘if you keep winning, you’ll get your wish’. I don’t know if he was trying to scare me or turn me on. It did kind of both.”

Tuivasa reiterated that he believes “d**khead” Jones is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. However, this time Tuivasa vows that he is confident not only that the fight will happen, but of the result too.

“I’ve said it many times before and I’ll stand by it. I think Jon Jones is the best fighter to ever fight… how he fights, he is probably the best fighter ever. But is he a d**khead? Yes. I think he’s a d**khead. And will I fight him? Yes. And will he fight me? I think he would, ’cause he’s fought everyone and anyone… He’s one of the greatest to do it, bro. I’d love to fight him, yeah. Not for anything else, just for the same reason that I like to fight all these people who have made names…

“Win or lose, I’ll get in there and have a smack. And if I dink him, I sink him. Just like anyone else.”

Helwani seemed to be confident in Tuivasa’s chances of getting the fight with the arguable GOAT, encouraging him to call out Jones if Tuivasa is victorious against Ciryl Gane on Saturday — and Tuivasa vowed to do just that.

Do you agree? Could the winner on Saturday night see themselves welcoming Jones back to the Octagon in December? Or will the LHW GOAT drag the HW GOAT, Stipe Miocic out of the firehouse and into the fire?

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