Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tyson Nam Told By CSAC To Move To 135lbs To Maintain License

Tyson Nam has been told by the California State Athletic Commission to move up in weight to 135lbs following his win over Ode Osbourne on Saturday.

After weighing 126lbs at the Friday morning weigh ins, Nam gained 20.2lbs between then and the fight. This is a violation of CSAC’s weight regulations, representing a 16% increase. The CSAC flags any discrepancies more than 10%, and 15% is a violation.

Nam defeated heavy favorite Ode Osbourne on Saturday night with a highlight-reel-worthy right hand. However, his team refused to comment on the discrepancy.

This is part of CSAC’s attempt to protect fighters from putting themselves in danger due to weight cutting. Over the years, we’ve seen fighters fainting on the scale, cut from the promotion and even hospitalized due to botched weight cuts.

Tyson Nam Told To Move To 135lbs – Will Other Commissions Honor It?

With CSAC having told Nam to move up, there is much debate about whether it will be recognized among other commissions. While technically only a violation in California, CSAC holds sway (inter)nationally. CSAC executive officer Andy Foster told ESPN that their rulings have been honored outside of California before.

Weight cutting is an aspect of MMA that has been carried over from wrestling. However, many within the space are critical of the practice. Due to the severe dehydration and strain on the body, many believe it is a harder fight than the actual bout.

Many fighters, such as Khabib, Yoel Romero, Paulo Costa, and recently Charles Oliveira have suffered at the hands of the scale. For comparison, Dominick Cruz gained 14% back following weigh in. Conor McGregor weighed 172lbs just eight days out from UFC 198, per Chael Sonnen.

The practice is done to give a perceived edge in grappling exchanges. However, there is a tradeoff, given the stresses on the body. There are constantly fighters who are choosing to cut less weight in favor of endurance. Ilia Topuria notably fought Jai Herbert on short notice at 155lbs and ate shots that would kill mortal men. Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori provided FOTY potential when neither man cut weight.

What do you think? Should the practice be outlawed? Or should the fighter’s team maintain discretion on what is safe for them?

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