Saturday, September 24, 2022

EXCLUSIVE | Tyson Nam Responds To CSAC Weight Mandate

UFC flyweight Tyson Nam has responded to the California State Athletic Commission banning him from competing in the state following a violation.

Nam earned a ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus for earning a wild knockout of Ode Osbourne at UFC San Diego last Saturday. He countered a flying knee attempt from Osbourne with a massive punch as Osbourne landed back on the canvas.

Nam had returned after a big layoff following a split decision loss to Matt Schnell in Jan. 2021. He underwent ACL surgery and is back to full health as he moves forward in his MMA career.

While his Octagon performance exceeded many expectations, including to an extent his own, Nam was shocked to learn that he had been barred by CSAC from fighting in the state going forward. This was due to a 20lb weight gain from the official weigh-ins on Friday to the night of the fight.

CSAC requires all fighters to weigh in the day before and the day of the fights. The rehydration regulations prohibit fighters like Nam from gaining anything more than 16% of their weight back during that period.

Nam was still allowed to compete on Saturday night but paid a hefty price for his fight night weight. CSAC won’t allow him to fight in their jurisdiction unless he elects to move up in weight or show evidence of changes to his weight-cutting routine.

Tyson Nam Speaks Out After CSAC Weight Gain Violation

During an exclusive interview with MMA News, Nam gave his immediate reaction to CSAC refusing to license him for future fights.

“I don’t give a [fuck],” Nam exclaimed. “I didn’t break any rules, I drank the things to rehydrate. It just so happened that I put on 20.2 pounds. Luckily, I fought in the morning, if I fought at nighttime, I would probably be at 150 instead of 146.2. I feel good where I’m at and it’s just a shame that the California State Athletic Commission doesn’t want me to entertain the California people anymore.”

Nam then clarified that while his fight night weight was high, he’s had zero issues making 125lbs and doesn’t foresee any concerns going forward.

“I’ve never once missed weight in my life,” Nam said. “I’ve never missed weight, weigh-ins are from 9 to 11 and I made the weight by 10:00 with one hour to spare. I don’t see the problem. What’s the problem?”

Nam seems content with continuing to fight at flyweight despite the recent CSAC violation.

Nam earned a shot in the UFC in 2019 following stints in X-1 World Events and Fight Nights Global. He’s gone on to earn wins over the likes of Zarrukh Adashev and Jerome Rivera during his time in the Octagon.

Nam is disappointed in the CSAC ruling but seems content with moving forward with his current weight-cutting routine as he looks ahead to his next UFC fight.

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