Friday, October 7, 2022

Watch: The Best Way To Honor Uriah Hall’s MMA Retirement

What if I told you one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history was not a UFC fight?

This week, Uriah Hall made the painful decision to retire, and we here at MMA News can think of no better way to celebrate his career than one of the best clips in UFC history.

Although the stakes are high with every contest on The Ultimate Fighter, none of the fights are actually official professional bouts. This means none of the wins or losses show up on the contestants’ professional records.

That is somewhat a shame for the recently retired Uriah Hall. Because although he has 13 of his 17 wins recorded as knockouts, the most famous KO of his career is not listed among them.

Relive Uriah Hall’s Most Memorable Knockout

In episode 3 of season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter, Uriah Hall, representing Team Sonnen, executed a jaw-dropping spinning hook kick KO to Adam Celia to advance to the next round. To this day, it remains one of the most celebrated KOs in the history of the sport.

If you’ve somehow never seen the knockout or if you just want to bask in its majesty once again, you can peep it out below.

Yes, to paraphrase “Heavyweight Thanos,” there isn’t many better ways to honor Uriah Hall’s retirement than viewing the above clip over and over again.

Needless to say, Uriah Hall’s career would have many more high points after officially joining the UFC roster. “Primetime” holds wins over names like Gegard Mousasi, Anderson Silva, and Chris Weidman to name a few. His UFC run spanned a total of 9 years out of his 17-year MMA career.

What is YOUR favorite memory of Uriah Hall’s UFC career?

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