Saturday, November 26, 2022

Watch: 1,200 Russians Brawl At ‘Walk The Field’ Fight Festival

When it comes to bizarre combat sports happenings around the world, Russia may have just topped them all.

Considering many of the strange formats that pop up online come from Russia, including two fighters throwing hands on top of a shipping container whilst it hangs over a body of water (what level of lunacy does it take to even come up with that?), it’s perhaps no surprise that the mantle is continuously handed over from Russian idea to Russian idea.

The latest instalment of ‘health and safety doesn’t exist in Russia’ came in the form of 1,200 people donning gloves and brawling in a field.

Festival season is in full swing in many places, with the United States set to host ‘Outside Lands’ in San Francisco this weekend and the UK preparing for its Reading and Leeds-held festivals later this month. But something tells us Post Malone and Jack Harlow won’t be heading to Russia’s ‘Walk the Field’.

While people may attend Western festivals expecting booze, food stands, and musical performances, these folks head to ‘Walk the Field’ with the possibility of a broken nose and concussion.

Taking to the field were two sets of 600 festival goers, with one side wearing black and the other yellow. After a fast and furious charge towards each other — which somewhat slowed as the frontrunners appeared to realize the madness set to entail — punches were thrown.

The random instances of head gear dotted about probably says all we need to know about the safety precautions in place…

There’s Logic Behind The Fight Festival?!

The event, which took place just outside of capital city Moscow, was shared online by Twitter user David Kime, who noted the reasoning behind the apparently record-breaking scrap (yes, there’s logic).

He explained that the event was held in honor of the 450th anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Molodi, which was one of the key battles of Ivan the Terrible’s reign. I’m not sure who came up with a 600 vs. 600 ‘fight’ as a way to honor it, but can we add “terrible” to the end of their name, too?

While that historical battle lasted to death for somewhere between 25,000 to 33,000 Russians and Crimeans, ‘Walk the Field’ lasted for about a minute before the fatigued participants stopped and lift their arms in what was apparently a victory for all — classic Petr Yan versus Aljamain Sterling at UFC 259 style…

What do you make of Russia’s ‘Walk the Field’ fight festival?