Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Watch: Armed Thief Gets Gym Karma After Threatening Fighter

A released armed thief got his comeuppance recently after taking his thuggery to a Californian gym and challenging a “much smaller man.”

In the past weeks and months, we’ve seen a whole host of karma handed out in training facilities, usually surrounding online trolls attempting to back up their keyboard toughness inside the ring.

We’ve witnessed IBF Flyweight Champion Sunny Edwards dish out some punishment to one Twitter user, as well as UFC fighters Kevin Holland and Chris Curtis humbling some troublemakers in the gym.

The latest incident along those lines saw someone who’d committed a far worse infraction run into the justice they deserved — only this time, they went looking for a fight without invitation.

In a recent video uploaded to Instagram by the Train 4 Life Center, which advertises life-changing aid in martial arts training, fitness, and nutrition, a large, shirtless man named Omari Garland can be seen boxing a significantly smaller individual.

In the caption, the gym revealed that Garland had walked in off his own accord before signing a waiver to train and choosing to “threaten” the smallest fighter at the facility.

Unfortunately for Garland, he’d picked on Terrance “Wrong Turn” Saeteurn, who scored an emphatic knockout on debut under the banner of Urijah Faber’s A-1 Combat this past May after going 8-1 as an amateur.

“This man without a shirt in the video decided to come in, sign a waiver and train with us last night,” the gym wrote. “He then decided to threaten a much smaller man, one of our coaches saying, ‘I’ll beat you down.’

“Now, every last week of the month is spar week here at T4L. So, we let them spar and he quickly learned he messed with the wrong one, called Time-Out in the 1st round with 1:30 left on the clock(look at the red clock bottom right). Gym justice served.”

Compounding an embarrassing display, the man calls an end to the contest after just a minute-and-a-half. While the individuals behind the camera call for the fighter to “whoop his ass,” Saeteurn restrains — the kind of respect martial arts is rooted in, and the kind that Garland certainly doesn’t have.

And the revelation surrounding his previous actions certainly serves as further evidence for that.

There’s More To The Story…

Further into the caption, the gym noted that they’d discovered more context and information on the individual who unceremoniously entered the facility.

As it turns out, Garland went looking for a fight having not long been released from prison following an arrest by the Fairfield Police Department. The 30-year-old was apprehended after pistol-whipping an elderly 70-year-old man, stealing his phone at gunpoint.

“With internal investigation, we found out this man’s name is Omari Garland, we have a signed waiver from him,” the gym continued. “Garland was arrested last month for assaulting a 70yr old man in front of his home at gunpoint in Fairfield. You probably heard about this assault. Police found the elderly man’s phone on him investigated and tied him to several more crimes!!”

The assault and robbery, which took place on July 7, was caught on the victim’s doorbell camera.

Understandably, the T4L gym questioned how a convicted armed thief could be able to freely walk into a gym just over 20 days after being arrested and jailed.

“How does Omari Garland FREELY WALK INTO OUR TRAINING FACILITY A MONTH AFTER ASSAULTING AN ELDERLY ASIAN MAN AT GUNPOINT?! Then threaten a much smaller asian man at our facility?!?! Unacceptable,” the facility asserted.

After positing a $45,000 bond on July 8, Garland was released ahead of an August 5 court date for early arraignment, as per court records.

What do you make of armed thief Omari Garland’s actions?

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